Digital Pacific: A Glimpse Into Our Support Team

Sep, 21, 2017 | Community, Staff Profiles, Support | 0 Comments

Here at Digital Pacific, there is nothing we’re more proud of than the amazing technical team behind our services and the world-class support they provide to our customers. Check out below why our team are the best of the best and the type of service our customers can expect. 100% Australian Tech Support Our entire tech support team are based right here in sunny Sydney with our office located right next to Hyde Park in the CBD. Our staff travel from all over to come to the office each day, some from just around the corner in Pyrmont, while others…

Humans of Digital Pacific: Gaetano Edition

Aug, 18, 2016 | Staff Profiles | 4 Comments

When I sent through the interview questions to Gaetano, I mentioned he only had to fill out a selection of the questions he liked the most. But of course, good guy Gaetano valiantly took up the charge and finished the whole thing! Get to know the most worried worrier of the office below: What is your name? Gaetano E. What do you spend your time doing at Digital Pacific? Most of the time… being worried! Haha, but no, really, I ask everyone in the office about 100 questions a day! It’s a full-time gig! How long have you been with…

Humans of Digital Pacific: Chris Edition

Aug, 12, 2016 | Staff Profiles | 0 Comments

Today’s Human of Digital Pacific is Chris, and I have to be honest, I can’t claim to have had an astounding level of input since he is part of the Marketing team and essentially wrote, formatted and proofed his entire profile himself. I do however feel it is pertinent to add my two cents and mention that Chris is the type of person who shares his Subway cookies with us whenever he has them. Chris is a good guy. Be like Chris. Without any further ado: What do you spend your time doing at Digital Pacific? I’m a part of…

Humans of Digital Pacific: Robbie Edition

Aug, 05, 2016 | Staff Profiles | 3 Comments

Name: Robbie What is your role at Digital Pacific: Overnight Technical Support How long have you been with the Digital Pacific family? 2 and a half years. What are some of your hobbies and interests? Video games, fishing and music (mostly metal). What are your favourite movies/TV shows? The Dark Knight Rises and Deadpool (any superhero movie really). Do you watch/play any sports? Paintball, eGames, tennis and squash. Top 5 most played songs on your media player right now? Circe By Ghost Broken Pieces by Apocolyptica The house of the rising sun by Five Finger Death Punch Rotting in Vain…

Humans of Digital Pacific: Mitch Edition

Jul, 28, 2016 | Staff Profiles | 2 Comments

When I sent around an email asking our team to respond to my questions for the Humans of Digital Pacific posts, I got a vast range of effort in the returned responses. On an effort scale of Lee to Mitch, Mitch is definitely at the Mitch end. His responses are so thorough, they weren’t easily condensed on to a card (click the card to enlarge!). For the sake of consistency with the rest of our staff profiles, he’s going to get haphazardly carded up anyway, but his full answers (including accompanying graphics) continue below. What do you spend your time…

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