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Looking for a full-featured, ultra-modern and secure colocation services to house your own server infrastructure? Digital Pacific have large footprints in 2 Australian Tier-3 Equinix facilities, equipped with brand new Dell server hardware and both Dell & HP spare parts immediately available. It’s all backed by 24-hour on-site security, restricted access throughout, and multi-factor biometric authentication.

For those seeking colocation in other locations such as Melbourne, Tokyo, Los Angeles, Dublin or Chicago, get in touch with our colocation sales team for more information and pricing for these Point of Presences. For specific features and specifications of each site, our friendly team are on hand to assist.

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Premium Australian Colocation Services

Tier 3 facility in Alexandria with peering and optional cross-connects.

Ease of use

Tier 3 facility located in Port Melbourne with peering and optional cross-connects.

Ease of use

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Included with all Colocation services

Secure Access

Secure your servers with 24/7 Onsite Security, 24/7 CCTV and on selected Data Centres; biometric or facial recognition access with multiple security access points.

Environment Controls

All equipment is maintained and monitored in a climate-controlled environment. Infrastructure is monitored 24/7 offers VESDA systems and N+1 cooling redundancy.

Onsite 24/7 Management

Have peace of mind that our Dell & HP certified technicians are on-site 24 hours a day, and are able to assist with various tasks and troubleshooting.

Bang for your Buck

The Digital Pacific Data Centre team will pursue the lowest possible price for your colocation services.

Relocation Services

If you require assistance with your relocation to Digital Pacific colocation, our Data Centre operations team are on-hand to get the job done with minimal downtime for your business.


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Additional Features
Choice of Data Center

24x7 Remote Hands

Dell EMC Specialists

Dual Transit Providers

Up to 8 Peering Partners

Prepay and Save

Leverage years of Data Centre expertise.

With 20 years of Australian colocation experience, our Data Centre colocation team can tailor requirements to your exact specifications. With 2 facilities available, our colocation services are a great option for those seeking to establish a wider presence in Australia, web hosting companies looking to expand, or Information Technology businesses who demand service and value. Looking to get set up in Australia? Our colocation experts are on-hand to discuss your requirements and provide assistance, every step of the way.

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Colocation refers to the hosted server space a business can choose to rent from within a colocationfacility. This type of facility is a high-performance data centre which houses world class data serversdesigned to store large amounts of data reliably and securely. Typically, colo hosting services areused for housing private cloud-based storage and for large scale operations which require a lot ofstorage that is fast, securely stored and reliably maintained for optimal performance. Colocation is acost efficient way of managing large data storage needs securely and reliably.

Digital Pacific was among the first data hosting companies to establish in Australia and we have beenproudly managing state of the art servers, investing in the latest world class technological solutionsand offering our clients 24/7 on demand support since 2000. We are now offering colocationservices: full-featured, ultra-modern and secure data management services for you to house yourown server infrastructure within. Since our establishment, we have developed strong footholds inAustralian Tier-3 data facilities including Equinix and GlobalSwitch. As a major tenant of the APDC(Australian Pacific Data Centres), our servers enjoy premium placement within this Sydney-basedTier-3 facility that supplies up to 7Kw per rack (30 amps).

Our Dell and HP certified technicians are on-site 24/7 and our hardware is the latest in DellRackmount and Blade servers. We have access to Dell & HP spare parts immediately to ensure anypotential failures are anticipated and rectified before causing significant downtime and loss ofefficiency. Each machine is regularly monitored and maintained using a suite of monitoring tools andstrict maintenance protocols. We support a range of operating systems including Linux serversystems and Windows servers.

All of this is backed by on-site physical security which monitors the premises 24/7 to ensuremaximum protection.

What is server colocation?

Essentially, colocation refers to the dedicated data centre that stores and manages your data. Ourcolo hosting services are housed within state-of-the-art data centres based in Sydney. Colocationdiffers from managed server hosting in that your data shares server space with other colocationclients in a data facility rather than being privately held in dedicated servers.

Included with our colocation services is secure facilities for your stored data that is not onlypatrolled by physical on-site security but is also monitored with 24/7 CCTV as well as biometric orfacial recognition access at multiple security points. All of our storage equipment is carefullymaintained and controlled within climate-controlled environment. Infrastructure is monitored 24/7with VESDA systems and N+1 cooling redundancy.

How does colocation work?

Traditionally, managing your business’ data storage needs to ensure fast and reliable access towebsites, databases and eCommerce platforms has relied on the physical server space offered byhigh-powered storage servers, otherwise known as managed hosting. We offer a range of dedicatedserver plans including AMD dedicated servers which may serve the needs of your business betterthan a colocation hosting plan. We’re happy to take you through the differences and advantages ofboth options in more detail.

Managed hosting vs colocation means that instead of dedicated space inside a data facility for yourservers, you can choose to share the space inside a data facility with other storage clients. You stillaccess the same high-powered and reliable data management service of a dedicated hosting plan,but you get to share the costs of power cooling, on-site security, etc. Hosting pricing could thereforebe more affordable if you choose a colo data centre option over dedicated server management.

Why choose Digital Pacfic?

Digital Pacific has been specialising in affordable data management for our clients since weestablished in 2000 and we are committed to continuing to provide high-quality and affordable datamanagement options. Along with our colo hosting services, we also offer your business VPS (VirtualPrivate Server) plans and a range of data storage options from web hosting solutions through toenterprise sized data management solutions. Find out more about how to keep your online data safewith our range of Juniper Firewall plans designed to maximise the reputation of your online businessand assure your customers that their data is safe and secure.

We can help you migrate your data over to our servers or we can give your IT professionalseverything they need to manage your migration for you. Our services are flexible and customisable,ensuring that you can access the expertise you need, when you need it. Our customer support teamis available 24/7 and is locally based in Australia.

We offer you a best price guarantee which means that is you find a better colocation dealelsewhere, we will promise to pursue the lowest price for you too. If you require assistance withyour relocation to our colocation data plan, our operations team is available on-hand to take care ofeverything for you. We can time your migration specifically to ensure minimal downtime andmaximum efficiency, having your business and data up and running in a matter of hours.

We are also the sustainable IT solution committed to maintaining our precious physicalenvironment. We ensure that all of our servers, including our colocation servers and data centres,are Green Powered. We offer a green hosting verification and strongly encourage our clients toproudly show that their website is powered by eco-friendly and responsible hosting to help spreadthe word that it’s possible to offset the power used to store your data securely.

If you are considering switching to our colocation plans and dedicated hosting options then ask ourcustomer service team how you can access 3 months of free service when you sign up.