WordPress for Beginners #1: Creating a website

If you are considering starting a website on WordPress, congratulations! Over 33% (one-third) of all website owners have discovered the power of using WordPress for their site content. WordPress allows you to create a professional-looking site for eCommerce, complete with plugins that you can use to allow for a variety of functions on your site. If you have an excellent idea for a website, follow these tips to get started with WordPress. Getting Started 1.  Firstly, sign up for a domain name at Digital Pacific. There are many things to take in to consideration when deciding on a domain, our blog on…

Digital Pacific: The Beginner’s Guide To Web Hosting

Hosting Breakdown

The first thing anyone new to the hosting sphere will notice is that there are a lot of options. From shared hosting, cPanel hosting, reseller hosting, WHM hosting, VPS hosting and Dedicated Server hosting – each company has its own way of naming all the options – but what do they all actually mean and which one really suits you best? We decided to break down each level of hosting to point you in the right direction for what your business may need. Shared hosting is one of the most commonly offered hosting types on the market. It generally represents…

Lava Lamps Encrypt Your Data?!

Aug, 24, 2017 | Cloud Hosting, Online Security | 1 Comment
lava lamps data encryption

Lava lamps, believe it or not, have various uses: they look cool, work great in low light, can keep me occupied for several hours, and can act as a random number generator for data encryption. Ahyup. What the hell are you talking about? In the San Francisco office lobby of renowned cloud network and online security company, CloudFlare, is a wall; but not just any wall–this wall holds 100 lava lamps that have a (not so) secret mission. It may seem like a weird 60s design fetish, but the lava lamp wall is actually used as one of CloudFlare’s many…

The Difference Between NS and DNS Records

NS and DNS records

A common question pops up here at Digital Pacific and that is; “What is the difference between NS and DNS records?” For many people, they (quite understandably) weren’t aware that they were two different things at all. NS, or Name Server records, are the top-most records attached to your domain. When a person types in your domain to either visit your website or send you an email, the first thing your computer does is look up what your domain’s NS records are. NS records are public and are stored/replicated across many locations all over the world.Once your computer knows the NS…

The Digital Pacific Data Center Staff Tour

May, 03, 2017 | Cloud Hosting | 3 Comments

Last Friday, we sent the invite round to our team to see who’d like to check out our state of the art data centre, located right here in Sydney CBD. While most of our staff have visited the facility before, we thought our new Anchor family, along with more recent additions to the Digital Pacific tech support team, would be up for a look around! Follow along below with the crew as they tour our data centre with our Head of Innovation, Daniel, who along with exhibiting a slightly inexplicable obsession with robots, was deeply involved in the design and build…

Shiny New VPS Plans

We are excited to now be able to announce our brand-spanking-new range of Self-Managed and Managed VPS plans! The new plans all feature super quick SSD storage and more RAM than ever offered before on our VPS products. Our Basic VPS plan comes with 1GB RAM, 25GB SSD storage and 1 vCPU, with pricing starting at $58.25 per month. It is a great, affordable step up for those with websites that have outgrown the shared hosting environment. For our more resource-hungry users, our plans increment all the way up to 4GB RAM with 100GB of SSD storage and 4 vCPU’s….

Digital Pacific Milestones for 2012 – A year in review

Dec, 20, 2012 | Cloud Hosting, Company News, Web Hosting | 2 Comments

      Its been a long time between company posts so I thought I would share some of the milestones that Digital Pacific have achieved in 2012. I would like to thank all of our customers who have supported us over the past 12 months and I look forward to the next 12 months of helping you succeed online. Here are some of the highlights we achieved in 2012   24/7 Support Over the past few years we have had many requests from customers to provide extended support services and we are proud to announce this year we have…

What Is Cloud Hosting

Granted that you have not spent the last few years hiding in a cave sans computer and Internet connection, you should be familiar with cloud hosting or must have at least heard of it. However, regardless of whether or not you know what it is, chances are that you’ve already been exposed to this kind of hosting service. Google, after all, is among the biggest and earliest proponents of “the cloud.” So if you’ve ever performed a Google search or used Gmail, then yes you do have experience with a cloud-hosted site. But what exactly is cloud hosting? Simply put,…

Advantages Of Cloud Hosting

With cloud hosting you can perform computing tasks via the Internet. The term “cloud” refers to a network of servers on the net. These servers contain software that you, as a cloud hosting client, can use. This means you no longer have to store bulky software packages on your own server, and because of high speed internet connections, applications runs faster than ever before. However, this is just the start of the advantages that cloud hosting offers. Here is an overview of the main benefits of cloud hosting. Efficiency Employees can work independently when on location. All information necessary to…

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