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Digital Pacific endeavors to build and support the best hosting services in Australia. From our data centres, to our transit providers, no compromise is made. This means you benefit from the best-of-breed infrastructure, guaranteeing higher uptime, faster server response times and lower latency.

The Backbone Behind 250,000 Websites

Premium Transit

Through our partnerships with premium transit providers NTT & Superloop, we help move more than 50 terabytes of data through our services each day.


Digital Pacific has peering into all major exchanges including Equinix EIE, Megaport, and IX Australia, plus bilateral peering in place with Amazon, Microsoft, CloudFlare and more.

Enterprise Servers

Whereas other companies compromise on quality, Digital Pacific deploys only enterprise-grade Dell servers across our fleet of Hosting, Virtual Machine and Dedicated Servers.

Disaster Recovery

With a presence in multiple data centres across the eastern states, Digital Pacific run backup servers on offsite locations for geo-redundancy and peace of mind.

DDoS Protection

Digital Pacific's network border protection prevents DDoS attacks and mitigates threats in seconds. With an ever increasing risk of cyber attacks, rely on our network to keep your website protected from network threats.

24x7 Monitoring

The network operations team operate around the clock from Australia, the US and Europe. This guarantees any unscheduled events are detected and alerted within seconds.

Technology Partners







IX Australia




Best-in-class Equinix Data Centers.

Digital Pacific operates services in two Equinix Data Centres, Equinix SY5 in Sydney and ME2 in Melbourne. With Sydney being the largest corporate and financial centre in Australia, our point-of-presence in multiple Sydney Data Centres means faster and more reliable connectivity for your website or application.


Zero-compromise Dell infrastructure.

Digital Pacific invests heavily into best-of-breed infrastructure. Utilising Dell Rackmount Servers and Blades, we prefer to utilise proven technology which has been responsible for the high level of reliability we have sustained for the last 19 years. Our hardware harmony means we manage and maintain our Dedicated Server infrastructure around the clock with complete visibility.

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Cutting edge virtualisation enabled by VMWare.

Digital Pacific leverage’s VMWare’s integrated cloud infrastructure and management services for our hosting fleet of servers. VMWare provides stability, performance and the our ability to continually scale our customer infrastructure and workloads with minimal effort.

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A network shield powered by Juniper.

Whether you’re hosting eCommerce software, high-traffic retail websites, business-critical applications or something else entirely, protecting your online assets with our network layer security and Juniper firewalls is our duty. At Digital Pacific, data protection and network security is at the core of everything we do.

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Premium transit links with extreme throughput.

Through Digital Pacific’s multiple data centres, where our Australia hosting infrastructure is deployed, our bandwidth transmits through private diverse 10GbE dark fibre between each facility. Thanks to our transit partners and NTT, our network delivers outstanding Hosting, VPS and Dedicated Server performance with lower latency than the competition.

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