Step up to Dedicated Hosting with Digital Pacific. Dedicated is suitable for many scenarios including application hosting, traffic-rich websites, hybrid-cloud environments and off-premise office server hosting. Dedicated Hosting offers outstanding value over pure cloud services and guaranteed hosting performance. Digital Pacific’s huge range of enterprise Dell EMC servers offers unparalleled choice offer, with thousands of configuration possibilities. With multiple operating systems to choose from as well as individually tailored server specifications, our in-house experts can assist you in customising your hosting infrastructure for optimal performance while minimising operational expenses.

Outgrown your existing Web Hosting? Unlike Shared hosting or Virtual Machines, Dedicated Hosting ensures you website or online application will receive a dedicated, 100% allocation of resources at all times. This means you have access to predictable performance at a fixed monthly cost, offering you certainty in your hosting stack.

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Pure Infrastructure and Hybrid-Cloud Ready

Take control of your web presence with our powerful dedicated servers. Equipped with Dell Remote Access for ease of access.

Ease of use

OS patching, proactive monitoring, software updates and cPanel; our 24x7 dedicated team can manage these for you.

Ease of use

Resilient and powerful Juniper Firewall solutions to protect your dedicated server.

Ease of use

Resilient and powerful dual-Juniper Firewall solutions to protect your dedicated server.

Ease of use

Our hosted Backup Servers are built with ironclad redundancy in mind, with RAID 10 storage and enterprise quality Dell hardware.

Ease of use

Leverage our network and deploy across 4 Data Center locations across Sydney, including Equinix, APDC, Vocus and GlobalSwitch.

Ease of use

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Available on all Dedicated Hosting services

Latest OS

Whether you’re after a Windows Dedicated Server, or Linux Dedicated Server, we’ve got all manners of plan types to fit your desired OS configuration.

Multiple Data Centers

Choose from multiple Data Center locations, allowing for offsite dedicated backup services or customised redundancy routing configurations to suit your needs.

Superb Connectivity

With a 10 gigabit ethernet backbone operated over diverse dark fibre between our Sydney locations, we take our networking infrastructure seriously.

Dell EMC Hardware

Under the hood, you’ll find server-grade SSD storage, Intel processors, and Dell blade and rackmount servers, ensuring the reliability and performance.

Rapid Deployment

Many of our dedicated hosting plans come with the added benefit of expedited setup upon payment, so you’ll be able to get started with using your new servers right away.

Resilient Network

Rest easy with Built-in DDOS protection, multiple gigabit IP transit and peering links, high-powered redundancy protocols and best-in-class Juniper hardware firewall security.

Additional Features
10Gbit Ethernet Backbone

24x7 Network Monitoring Team

Remote Hands Service

Certified Linux Engineers

Certified Microsoft Engineers

Hundreds of Software Licences

Leverage 20 years of dedicated hosting expertise.

Whether you’re just dipping your toe into dedicated hosting, or you’re a seasoned system administrator, we’ve got self-managed or fully managed server any level of technical ability. If the idea of setting up, securing and maintaining your own server feels a little daunting, not to worry; our in-house team of expert technicians can take the weight off your shoulders with full ongoing management, maintenance and support.

Dedicated Hosting FAQs

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What is a Dedicated Server?

A dedicated server is used when your needs require a complete environment including the full hardware resources of an entire server. This could be the case if your current hosting plan has been frequently hitting its hardware limits due to traffic or other issues.

A dedicated server is ideal if you are hosting several websites, or a few websites that have a very high level of traffic in a short period of time, so having your own dedicated server brings stability to your online presence and is a great way to avoid your website failing and losing your potential revenue.

Digital Pacific offers several self – managed dedicated server plans and managed dedicated server plans. For more information about dedicated servers and other hosting plans Digital Pacific offers, visit our blog article analysing our different offerings.

How is Dedicated different to a Virtual Machine?

A VPS or Virtual Private Server, is a server that has been partitioned into smaller ‘virtual servers’. These are then used to house client’s websites. This is a similar setup to shared hosting, however the resources of the server are not shared. Instead they are divided up and allocated to each VPS for exclusive use, which means that one VPS clients performance will not be affected by another. This is unlike shared hosting where all clients have access to the entire servers hardware resources, so if one client is using most of the resources on the server, all other clients sites will be affected.

A VPS is a good ‘middle ground’ option between shared hosting and dedicated servers, Digital Pacific has several self-managed Linux VPS and Windows VPS, as well as cPanel managed VPS plans.

What is a Managed Dedicated Server?

If you are not able to to manage and maintain your dedicated server, due to lack of knowledge or you just simply don’t have time, Digital Pacific offers a fully managed service to do the hard work for you. A managed service has:

  • Constant monitoring of your server, should anything go wrong our qualified engineers will investigate immediately to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.
  • Server Backup Space, with 10GB complimentary backup space to ensure your vital files are protected should any irreparable damage be done.
  • Optional Automated Rapid Restore Server R1soft Backups for automated backups and continuous data protection.
  • Kernel and OS updates to ensure that your server has the latest patches installed.
  • Software Firewall that is fully customisable to defend against intruders on your server.
  • System Administration is available at an extra hourly cost.

For more details about managed services, see our Managed Dedicated Server Solutions.

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