Step up to dedicated server hosting with Digital Pacific. Digital Pacific’s huge range of enterprise Dell EMC servers offers unparalleled choice, with thousands of hardware and software configuration possibilities. Choose from multiple operating systems or individually tailor your server’s RAM or storage specifications. Our in-house experts can assist you in customising your hosting infrastructure for optimal performance while minimising operational expenses. Dedicated is suitable for many scenarios including application hosting, traffic-rich websites, hybrid-cloud environments and off-premise office server hosting. Tailor servers with free IPv6 or private backend networking for better connectivity and performance, or select one of our 24×7 Server Management tiers and take the stress out of server maintenance.

Regardless of whether you require cost-predictable performance hosting, server customisation or 24×7 support, Digital Pacific is the trusted leader in Australian dedicated server hosting. Outgrown your existing Web Hosting? Unlike shared hosting or virtual machines, dedicated hosting ensures you website or application will receive a dedicated, 100% allocation of resources at all times guaranteeing performance and consistency. This means you have access to predictable performance at a fixed monthly cost, offering you certainty in your hosting stack.

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Australia's Best Range of Dedicated Servers

Guarantee performance and control costs with Australia's largest range of Dell dedicated servers powered by Intel Xeon.

Suitable For:
Consistent hosting workloads
All-round value
Flexibility and choice

World-class hosting performance featuring the latest generation AMD EPYC processors in Dell rackmount servers.

Suitable For:
Mission-critical workloads
CPU intense environments
Total hosting performance

Experience a new paradigm in performance hosting with the Quad CPU Intel Xeon Hypercore™ server, exclusive to Digital Pacific.

Suitable For:
CPU intense environments
High-traffic apps & websites
Core-dependent workloads

Terastore™ is an enterprise Dell storage solution, providing up to 36TB of resilient RAID 10 data storage capacity in a single server.

Suitable For:
Ultra-high storage requirements
Content and media hosting
Disaster recovery & backups

Resilient and powerful Juniper Hardware Firewalls to protect your dedicated server and shields against malicious hackers.

Suitable For:
Securing your servers & data
Stopping malicious hackers
Ensuring network continuity

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Available on all Dedicated Hosting services

Latest OS

Whether you’re after a Windows Dedicated Server, or Linux Dedicated Server, we’ve got all manners of plan types to fit your desired OS configuration.

Managed Services

Optional 24x7 Management provides technical expertise and server support. Available on CentOS, Windows, Ubuntu, cPanel and Plesk.

Superb Connectivity

With a 40 gigabit ethernet backbone operated over diverse dark fibre between our Sydney locations, we take our networking infrastructure seriously.

Dell EMC Hardware

Under the hood, you’ll find server-grade SSD storage, Intel processors, and Dell blade and rackmount servers, ensuring the reliability and performance.

Rapid Deployment

Many of our dedicated hosting plans come with the added benefit of expedited setup upon payment, so you’ll be able to get started with using your new servers right away.

Resilient Network

Rest easy with Built-in DDOS protection, multiple gigabit IP transit and peering links, high-powered redundancy protocols and best-in-class Juniper hardware firewall security.

Additional Features
40Gbit Ethernet Backbone

24x7 Network Monitoring Team

Remote Hands Service

Certified Linux Engineers

Certified Microsoft Engineers

Hundreds of Software Licences

Leverage 20 years of dedicated hosting expertise.

Whether you’re just dipping your toe into dedicated hosting, or you’re a seasoned system administrator, we’ve got self-managed or fully managed server any level of technical ability. If the idea of setting up, securing and maintaining your own server feels a little daunting, not to worry; our in-house team of expert technicians can take the weight off your shoulders with full ongoing management, maintenance and support.

A network shield powered by Juniper.

Whether you’re hosting eCommerce software, high-traffic retail websites, business-critical applications or something else entirely, protecting your online assets with our network layer security and Juniper firewalls is our duty. At Digital Pacific, data protection and network security is at the core of everything we do.

Premium transit links with extreme throughput.

Through Digital Pacific’s multiple data centres, where our Australia hosting infrastructure is deployed, our bandwidth transmits through private diverse 10GbE dark fibre between each facility. Thanks to our transit partners and NTT, our network delivers outstanding Hosting, VPS and Dedicated Server performance with lower latency than the competition.

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Need a Hardware Firewall?

Australia's Dedicated Hosting Experts

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Dedicated Servers

We offer your business a range of dedicated servers and hosting plans from our huge range of DellEMC servers with flexible hardware and software configuration choices for businesses who knowwhat they need, and expert advice for those unsure of which server solutions are right for them.Among the first web hosting companies to establish in Australia, we started in 2000 and have beenoperating secure, reliable and budget friendly dedicated hosting plans ever since. We support over50 000 businesses worldwide with state-of-the-art facilities and unparalleled customer service.

Servers are data storage powerhouses. Your desktop or laptop machine has an in-built storagedevice called your hard drive and depending on your machine, that will come in a range of sizesusually starting at a size of about 256Gb. There are also external storage devices you can purchase toback up your desktop or laptop machine to and these generally range up into terabytes of storagecapacity. A dedicated server is like a hard drive, but it is designed to support shared data storage formultiple computers to access, runs on its own dedicated operating software and is configuredspecifically for ease and speed of shared data access.

Our dedicated servers are available with expert in-house support who can help you choose the rightserver for your needs. Dedicated servers are ideal for application hosting, heavily traffickedwebsites, hybrid-cloud environments and off-premises office server hosting including databasehousing and game servers. The right dedicated hosting plan can improve your web performance,optimise your websites for faster and more reliable customer traffic, and help to lower operatingcosts with efficient and reliable plans.

We offer Australia’s best range of dedicated servers. Not only were we among the first dedicatedhosting companies to establish in Australia, but we have offered trusted and secure server storageof our client’s data ever since. Your data is held secure using premium DDOS protection andconstant network monitoring. Our data centre is located in state-of-the-art facilities at our Sydneybased data centre and manned by support teams of IT experts available 24/7 for customer support.We have also compiled a rich knowledge base full of helpful tips and advice to assist you inmaximising the impact of a business website and to help you to get the most from a hosting planwith us.

The following dedicated server types are available to choose from Digital Pacific. They all includehigh performance SSD storage and each plan is optimised depending on your business needs fordata storage capacity, speed and reliability. Choose your own operating system including Linuxservers and Windows servers, or ask us how you can choose your own hosting control panel likecPanel or for more information about our VPS (Virtual Private Server) services.

Intel Dedicated

This is an affordable dedicated hosting option starting with a 5TB storage plan. It features ourEnterprise Dell Server hardware powered by Intel Xeon and is completely customisable dependingon your needs and preferred operating system. Our Intel dedicated servers provide reliable datahosting and all-around value, ideal for businesses and website that need reliable and regular accessto shared data.

AMD Dedicated

Our AMD dedicated servers are designed for mission critical workloads and businesses who demanda high performing and total dedicated hosting from their servers. Featuring the latest generationAMD EPYC Rome processors, these powerful dedicated servers can be completely customised withyour preferred operating system. As with all of our dedicated server plans, you have the option ofchoosing 24/7 server management of your servers by our expert team.

Hypercore Servers

Exclusive to Digital Pacific, our Hypercore dedicated servers are powered by the Quad Intel Xeon.This dedicated hosting solution offers your business extreme CPU performance and is ideal for hightraffic websites and application workloads.

Terastore Servers

Choosing from our Terastore dedicated server hosting plans means choosing a storage solutionoptimised for maximum capacity. These servers store up to 36TB of secure RAID 10 storage within asingle server offering you extreme storage for a fixed monthly price.

With high-powered data hosting platforms comes the need for reliable security. Any businessoperating online needs to ensure that they are not only protecting their own data but the data oftheir customers. SSL certificates and superior data protection are amongst the kinds of features thatevery online shopper and website visitor expects to find and with our Juniper firewalls plans you cansit back and relax knowing that your security is in safe hands. Our 24/7 fully managed HardwareFirewall solutions protect eCommerce software, high-traffic retail websites, business-criticalapplications and all of your online assets. Secure your digital infrastructure with this must-havesecurity addon.

Find out more about our colocation services, ideal for private cloud and large scale operations.

Switching to Digital Pacific

If you already have a dedicated server solution and intend to move or migrate your data to DigitalPacific, then we have you covered with simple and effective options to facilitate the move and makeit as seamless as possible. You can choose to manage your migration yourself, with total control ofyour new dedicated server, its operating system and how you manage it. We offer a range of tipsand advice for self-movers on Knowledge Base. Or, you can opt for a fully managed service in whichwe take care of everything for you, minimising business downtime as much as possible with a fastmigration service scheduled at exactly the right time.

If you are intending to move a website designed by a web developer then using our DeveloperMigration option will ensure that your website is moved, tested and configured correctly from theoutset. This will ensure minimal downtime and allow your web developer to control any upgrades orcompatibility issues during the migration. We also offer a Site Migration Service for a one-off costthat takes care of moving and storing your existing website. This service is dependent upon meetingspecific criteria so you may wish to submit a request with our customer service team to checkwhether your website migration can be managed in this way.

Why choose Digital Pacific?

When choosing a dedicated hosting company, the first thing you should be looking at is howsatisfied their existing client base already is. We currently support over 50 000 businesses worldwideand have a TrustScore rating of ‘Excellent’ with our clients. We deliver reliable, secure and fast webhosting services to our clients from our safe and sustainable data centre in Sydney. If you are not100% satisfied with our service within the first 30 days then we’ll offer you a full refund for theservices you have paid for.

Expert security protocols and reliability

Your data is regularly backed up 3 times every day to ensure against data loss. For websites, thatmeans that your site remains active for clients and visitors 24/7. As long as your visitors have anactive internet connection then they will always be able to reach your website hosted by us.


We care about our impact on the environment and ensure that all of our dedicated servers areGreen Powered. We offer a green hosting verification and strongly encourage our clients to proudlyshow that their website is powered by eco-friendly and responsible hosting to help spread the wordthat it’s possible to offset the power used to store your data securely.

Digital Pacific have the expertise, the hardware and the knowledge of nearly 20 years of dedicatedhosting operation in Australia to ensure that you get the most from your web domain.