8 Fast Facts about Digital Pacific!

Jul, 10, 2019 | Community, Company News, Web Hosting | 0 Comments

Disclaimer: Any products/services mentioned or recommended below are suggestions based on our own experiences. We have no affiliation with any of the products or services mentioned and you should always thoroughly and independently research your options to decide what is best for you. For those of you who may be curious, we thought we’d round up 8 fast facts you may not know about Digital Pacific. From where we started, to where we are now, and a few of the bits in between! 1. Our head office is located next to Hyde Park in the Sydney CBD. We’ve seen a…

Microsoft SPLA Licence Price Changes

Feb, 28, 2019 | Company News | 2 Comments

Microsoft has recently increased their licencing pricing across their suite of services, a change which generally occurs on an annual or biannual basis. While we do our best to absorb the vast majority of those changes in costs, ensuring consistent and affordable pricing, we occasionally must adjust our pricing in line with the increases from our suppliers. Commencing March 2019, the price of Microsoft software licences will rise 15%.  The specific adjustment on your service will vary, depending on the licences purchased and volume. An example of the price adjustments is provided below.  Example License Type  Example Pricing  February 2019…

Office Roundup – August 2018

Aug, 29, 2018 | Community, Company News | 0 Comments

Another month done and dusted, and what a great month it’s been! As we head in to Spring we wanted to keep you up to date about whats been going on at Digital Pacific! Blog Posts We have been researching and looking at the best ways to begin your WordPress journey this month, with a three part series on how to build your online presence through this great website builder. You can take a look at part 1, part 2 and part 3, but before you do let us introduce you to some new faces around the office! New Recruits…

We’ve moved!

Apr, 18, 2017 | Company News | 0 Comments

We’ve migrated south for the winter for good! By a whopping 1.5 kilometers, no less. But in all seriousness, we have indeed moved! If you haven’t already heard, Digital Pacific recently acquired Anchor Hosting. Anchor were living all alone in a very large office in the heart of the CBD, just a short stroll from our existing Circular Quay office which we were rapidly growing out of. As so, it made all kinds of sense for us to take our relationship to the next level and move in. Over the course of 3-4 weeks during March, all of our staff moved across…

Customer Service Survey Results 2016

Feb, 23, 2017 | Company News | 0 Comments

Last year, we asked for your feedback on all things Digital Pacific. We wanted to find out what you liked, what you loved, and what we could do better. We had a phenomenal response from our customers, whose feedback will now directly affect future products and services, as well as assist us to improve our existing offerings. We thought we’d publish some of the bits and pieces you mind find interesting into the info-graphic below!  

We’ve Made the Jump to Litespeed

Jul, 27, 2016 | Company News, Web Hosting | 2 Comments

Goodbye Apache, it’s been good… we don’t regret our time together, but we’ve found someone else. Our SysAdmins have been extra busy lately and we can now announce that Litespeed has been successfully deployed across our entire fleet of shared and reseller hosting servers. Whilst we have touched on this in an earlier blog, we felt that it really deserved it’s very own post as there is much to tell you about this change and why it is a good one! First up, what is Apache and Litespeed? Both of them fall under the category of Web Server Software. Essentially,…

Shiny New VPS Plans

We are excited to now be able to announce our brand-spanking-new range of Self-Managed and Managed VPS plans! The new plans all feature super quick SSD storage and more RAM than ever offered before on our VPS products. Our Basic VPS plan comes with 1GB RAM, 25GB SSD storage and 1 vCPU, with pricing starting at $58.25 per month. It is a great, affordable step up for those with websites that have outgrown the shared hosting environment. For our more resource-hungry users, our plans increment all the way up to 4GB RAM with 100GB of SSD storage and 4 vCPU’s….

Round the Office Roundup

Jul, 19, 2016 | Company News, Roundups | 0 Comments

Welcome to our second-ever Round the Office Roundup! This series will give you a sneak peek into the world of what’s going on at Digital Pacific. First up… the big, important news! As of last Thursday evening, we have released a whole bunch of new VPS plans. The new plans all offer ultra-fast SSD storage and increased RAM. Peter, who looks after our website, and admittedly, whose name I genuinely thought was Beta for a good few weeks (sorry Beta Peter), has been working hard to get everything looking all polished up and you can now check the Self-Managed and…

Round the Office Roundup

Jul, 12, 2016 | Company News, Roundups | 0 Comments

Welcome to our first Round the Office Roundup! This series will give you a sneak peek into the world of what’s going on at Digital Pacific. Our solutions team grew last week with the addition of Tony. Tony has an extensive background in the web hosting industry and has spent the past week learning the ins and outs of our products before he jumps in and starts helping customers find the right solutions for their projects. This photo of David showing Tony the ropes was definitely not staged. Over the lunch table one day, we discovered Tony is an absolute…

Digital Pacific Survey 2015 – The Results

Nov, 08, 2015 | Community, Company News | 0 Comments

The results are in for our annual customer survey and we were astounded with the response! We have read through every entry and will use this information to improve the way we do things at Digital Pacific. We would like to thank everyone that participated for providing us with some of your time in order to make this happen. We’re excited to share the results with you and we’ve put together this infographic: Once again, a big Thank You to everybody that participated in the survey and for providing us with your valuable feedback. Congratulations to Matt from CodeLab on…

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