4 Things All Website Owners Should Do Before The Holidays Are Over

Jan, 09, 2019 | Web Design, Webmaster | 0 Comments

Disclaimer: Any products/services mentioned or recommended below are suggestions based on our own experiences. We have no affiliation with any of the products or services mentioned and you should always thoroughly and independently research your options to decide what is best for you. The holidays are upon us and, between all the snacks, it’s a good time to perform a few quick maintenance tasks on your website to prepare yourself for the new year. Update The Year In Your Website’s Footer If you haven’t got this automated, pretty soon you’ll want to update the year in your website’s footer or…

Top 3 WordPress Hosting & Website Checks To Do Before 2019

Dec, 19, 2018 | Business Websites, Web Hosting, Webmaster | 0 Comments

Check #1: Update to WordPress 5.0! This is a biggie! But don’t let that deter you. The latest big release of the ever-popular just landed on December 6th 2018 and is now available to upgrade to via your WordPress dashboard. It’s important to update your WordPress website to the latest version for a number of reasons, not limited to improved security, features, performance and compatibility with future plugins, themes and browser protocols. Before you go ahead, make sure you have a backup in place, just in case. You’ll find a guide on how to take a manual backup right here. …

Do You Really Need A WordPress Theme Anymore?

Dec, 10, 2018 | Business Websites, Webmaster | 0 Comments

Disclaimer: Any products/services mentioned or recommended below are suggestions based on our own experiences. We have no affiliation with any of the products or services mentioned and you should always thoroughly and independently research your options to decide what is best for you. If you’d told us a year ago that WordPress themes may slowly and subtly be becoming a thing of the past, we’d have smiled, nodded and definitely not believed you. Now however, that may not be the case. Up until this point, the main challenge a DIY website designer will face is the somewhat overwhelming experience of…

Unpatched WordPress installations: A recipe for disaster

Oct, 15, 2018 | Community, Web Design, Web Hosting, Webmaster | 0 Comments

So you’ve just finished your perfect website on WordPress and its live using one of our hosting plans. The design is flawless, every single link works and your SEO rating would make Sundar Pichai himself cry tears of joy. Now the time has come to boost your WordPress site with some plugins that will make managing the site even more of a breeze. But wait, one of the plugins is doing something strange, its posting spam on your site! Popups selling 95% off ray bans are appearing left right and center an theres nothing you can do! Unfortunately this is a very…

Three Security Features All Websites Should Have

Digital Pacific regards security of your website one of our top priorities regardless of which service we provide to you (from shared hosting to dedicated servers), and we maintain a vigilant stance against intruders by keeping our security systems up to date, that being said, there are things that you can do to further minimize the security risk to your website. Many people take it for granted, but website security is often the first thing to consider while developing a new website. We offer this service, but if you have built your own, this means consulting a web development expert…

WordPress Auto-Update Bug – Time To Check Your Website Now!

Feb, 21, 2018 | Community, Webmaster | 1 Comment

This is a friendly PSA to all of our clients who have a website built on WordPress! You may have already heard the news floating around the internet in recent weeks that a WordPress automatic update caused all subsequent WordPress automatic updates to stop working. If your WordPress website has automatic updates enabled, there’s a pretty decent chance you are affected. How can I check if my WordPress updates are broken? The bug was included in WordPress version 4.9.3. To check what version of WordPress your website is using, simply log into your dashboard, hover your mouse over “Dashboard” in…

Current and Future Web Design Trends

Feb, 03, 2015 | Web Design, Webmaster | 0 Comments
Web Design Trends

Just about everything in the world of technology evolves at such a rapid rate that, for the average consumer, can be an ongoing battle to keep up with. Look at smartphones for example, they are getting bigger and more powerful every few months, or the size and clarity of computer monitors or television screens that just keep improving. This kind of evolution isn’t only limited to physical hardware, but it also applies to computer software and even web design. Have you noticed how most modern websites that you visit are always quite similar in the way that they function and…

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Strengthen Your WordPress Website With These Handy Plugins

Sep, 23, 2014 | Tips for Blogs, Webmaster | 0 Comments
handy wordpress plugins

There’s no doubt about it, WordPress is one of the most popular open source blogging and content management applications available due to it’s diverse range of features, functions and, perhaps most importantly, the ability to use it for just about anything. WordPress is flexible and dynamic in that it allows the use of plugins to further extend the core functions, or add new ones, which is what gives you the ability to use it for anything from a simple blog, a complete online store or even a functional community discussion platform. Being backed by such a large community of developers…

3 Useful Google Tools You Should Be Using With Your Website

Jul, 24, 2014 | Business Websites, Tips for Blogs, Webmaster | 0 Comments
Useful Google Tools

Running a website, be it personal or business related, isn’t as simple as purchasing a domain and hosting, installing a theme and then waiting for the traffic to come. If you want a truly successful website you need to put in the extra time and complete tasks such as statistic monitoring, which includes items such as visitor flow and user engagement, and the tweaking of website aspects such as design and content in order to provide a better experience for your visitors. Keeping track of your website statistics and web optimisation isn’t as time consuming as one might think due…

How To Setup A Cron Job In cPanel

Jul, 14, 2014 | Tips for Hosting, Webmaster | 1 Comment

A cron job is a linux specific command that is used for the scheduling of a request, command or script on your server that makes it convenient to automatically complete repetitive tasks. This assists in saving time for a webmaster when it comes to tasks that may otherwise take a big chunk of time to complete manually or small tasks that may need to be actioned on a regular basis. Cron Jobs are often used to execute scripts that modify files and databases, send out emails and notifications or run various different checks against files, directories and databases. How It…

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