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6 Easy Ways To Improve Your Website’s SEO For Free! (Part 1 of 2)

Apr, 15, 2019 | Business Websites, SEO Explained | 0 Comments

Disclaimer: Any products/services mentioned or recommended below are suggestions based on our own experiences. We have no affiliation with any of the products or services mentioned and you should always thoroughly and independently research your options to decide what is best for you. Welcome to our 2-part series on easily improving your website’s SEO, without spending a cent! But first, what exactly is SEO? SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is the practice of setting up your website to rank as high as possible on search engine results for your desired search words and phrases. Typically, website owners tend to have…

WordPress for beginners #3 – The importance of a Blog on your webstie

Welcome to the final part of this three part WordPress beginner tutorial! In Part #1 we covered how to create your first WordPress website, and part #2 covered SEO for Google and People. This final part will cover the importance of a blog on your website and how it ties in with SEO, what to write about and how it can increase traffic on your site. Blogging started as a personal way to share information with friends and family about vacations. But it’s come a long way since 2003, the year the first blog was introduced online. Since then, the…

WordPress for Beginners #2: How to optimise for Google and People

Welcome to the second part in a three part series about starting and maintaining a WordPress website! In the first part we took you though how to set up your first website With a simply step by step guide. Now we have your site hosted and domain name registered, its time to start creating and tailoring unique content for it! A website is like a digital business card (especially the landing page) so you will want to think about your content to make it friendly for both search engines and people. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is an absolute must if you…

SEO Strategies: What works today?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is something that should be on any marketer or business owner’s mind. It includes many tools and techniques that you can use to get your website to rank higher in search engines.  The way SEO works has changed over time, but there are some SEO strategies that are here to stay. This article will teach you about some common, current strategies for SEO and how they can impact your website’s visibility in search engines. Write high-quality content with users in mind More often than not, when people start diving deep into SEO, they start deviating from…

SEO Tips For Business Websites

Jul, 29, 2014 | Attracting Clients, SEO Explained, Website Marketing | 0 Comments
SEO Tips For Business Websites

Attracting visitors to your business website is important for the acquisition of leads and sales, it would seem almost pointless to run a business website without doing it. There are so many varied methods for the generation of traffic including those of both a free and paid nature which each have their own unique advantages. If you’re looking for quick results and an explosion of traffic then the ideal solution for you may be a paid advertising campaign through a specialised service like Google Adwords or a social media platform such as Facebook. However, if you’re looking for a longer…

On-Page SEO Tips For Your Website

Feb, 11, 2014 | Attracting Clients, SEO Explained | 0 Comments
On Page SEO

If you own a website, or run an online business, it is of paramount importance to strive for increases in the amount of traffic that it receives, without it you’ll receive little interest in your content, products and services. There are many methods at your disposal that can be used to attract more traffic and potential customers to your website, some of which are free whilst others may require some sort of upfront or per visitor cost. One of the most powerful methods of promotion and traffic generation is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which allows you to take advantage of…

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How to Supercharge WordPress Blogs for SEO

Sep, 03, 2013 | SEO Explained, Tips for Blogs | 1 Comment
Wordpress SEO

Optimising WordPress blogs for SEO searches will attract more viewers, build website authority, make it easier to find quality links and help to monetise blogs and websites through subscription newsletters, PPC advertising, attracting more viewers and creating better user experiences, which result in higher sales conversion rates. WordPress plug-ins and technical site-management and user-analytics tools can help blog owners optimise their sites, generate active and passive income and attract reputable links and build trust, loyalty and domain authority. Taking the First Critical Steps for Creating Stronger SEO Performance If blog owners only take away one concept from this blog post,…

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WordPress SEO

Nov, 01, 2012 | Business Websites, SEO Explained, Tips for Blogs | 2 Comments

Read on to discover three simple ways to optimise your WordPress site. It’s long been said that Google loves WordPress, and simply by using the powerful content management system that website owners gain an immediate advantage in search indexing, and potentially in ranking. Regardless of any such advantage that may or may not exist, it’s still incredibly important to effectively optimise WordPress websites for search engines. Luckily, WordPress makes it exceptionally easy to put in place basic, yet effective search engine optimisation measures to help ensure the best search performance possible. Here are three simple and easy steps that WordPress…

Increase Website Traffic

Search engine optimisation and increased web traffic should be the focus of every small business website. However, contracting with a firm or individual to assist with driving organic traffic to your site can be costly and the results are not always guaranteed. If you spend just a little time getting to know some of the concepts around search engine optimisation and then work on implementing the following tips, you might be able to see an up-tick in traffic to your site and even increased sales. Here are some simple steps you can implement immediately to see if you can boost…

Web Design Tips

Sep, 16, 2012 | Business Websites, Random, SEO Explained, Web Design | 0 Comments

Your website is your business’s primary online portal and in a time when more and more people are turning to the Internet to make purchases and learn more about a company’s products and services, it is more important than ever to ensure that your website’s design is up to scratch. The Internet is constantly changing and evolving and for this reason, it is essential for any webmaster to pay attention to the latest design trends and keep their sites in touch with the modern world. Whether you are revamping an existing website or building an entirely new one, you should…

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