In 2 Months Time, Your Website Could Be In Grave Danger

Nov, 04, 2018 | Online Security, Programming, Support | 0 Comments

We should have posted this article back on Halloween to get maximum bang for our buck on the Grave Danger thing. But we digress! Jokes aside, the danger is very real, and it’s coming at your website in 2 months. That is, only if you haven’t yet updated to PHP v7 or above. Many, many website owners are still running their websites on antiquated versions of PHP. They may have gotten away with ignoring the problem up until now, but the risk gets exponentially larger from 1 January 2019 onwards. What is PHP? PHP is a programming language. Most CMS-based…

Cloudflare Alternatives for WordPress Websites in Australia

Sep, 17, 2018 | Support, Web Hosting | 0 Comments

Disclaimer: Any products/services mentioned or recommended below are suggestions based on our own experiences. We have no affiliation with any of the products or services mentioned and you should always thoroughly and independently research your options to decide what is best for you. When you hear that Cloudflare’s ‘Free’ and ‘Pro’ plans may actually be making your Australian-based website slower, you (like many other website designers and developers) may find yourself on the hunt for an alternative. It’s hard to replace what would otherwise have been a perfect free CDN solution, especially with bandwidth pricing in Australia being some of…

Three Security Features All Websites Should Have

Digital Pacific regards security of your website one of our top priorities regardless of which service we provide to you (from shared hosting to dedicated servers), and we maintain a vigilant stance against intruders by keeping our security systems up to date, that being said, there are things that you can do to further minimize the security risk to your website. Many people take it for granted, but website security is often the first thing to consider while developing a new website. We offer this service, but if you have built your own, this means consulting a web development expert…

Digital Pacific: A Glimpse Into Our Support Team

Sep, 21, 2017 | Community, Staff Profiles, Support | 0 Comments

Here at Digital Pacific, there is nothing we’re more proud of than the amazing technical team behind our services and the world-class support they provide to our customers. Check out below why our team are the best of the best and the type of service our customers can expect. 100% Australian Tech Support Our entire tech support team are based right here in sunny Sydney with our office located right next to Hyde Park in the CBD. Our staff travel from all over to come to the office each day, some from just around the corner in Pyrmont, while others…

A quick heads up to users of the iPhone Mail app & Windows Mail

Apr, 11, 2017 | Support | 0 Comments

We’ve recently updated the SSL certificates across our shared hosting server fleet, which we’ve found to be resulting in issues for some users of the two above programs which may sometimes no longer allow the user to manually trust SSL certificates that don’t match the mailserver. This appears to affect existing accounts more commonly than new accounts. What does that mean? To elaborate further, all of our servers have an SSL certificate installed. This SSL certificate is shared across all users of the server, and registered to the server’s hostname. For the examples below, we will assume the hostname of…

Want a 50% speed boost for your website? It’s time to make the switch to PHP 7+!

Mar, 14, 2017 | Business Websites, Support | 3 Comments

The time has come for a moment of reflection, perhaps on life in general, bad dieting choices, what possesses any of the contestants to sign up for being on The Bachelor… but while you’re at it, we think it’s a great time to spare a moment for your PHP version. PHP is a programming language upon which the majority of popular website platforms are built, including the juggernaut of them all, WordPress (which as of April last year was reported to power 26.4% of the web). As such a widely-used programming language, PHP is evolving every day – getting more…

Introducing The PHP Selector

May, 13, 2014 | Company News, Support, Tips for Hosting | 0 Comments
PHP Selector

In an exciting update to our Shared and Reseller Hosting platforms, Digital Pacific is pleased to provide our customers with the power and flexibility to choose which version of PHP they use to run their websites. Using Digital Pacific’s new PHP Selector, customers are given the freedom to choose which version of PHP is used for their website via their cPanel interface. This new level of control presents our customers with the most flexible web-hosting environment available and is provided to our Reseller Partners and their customers as well.  PHP is a programming language used by the most popular web…

Setting Up Mac Mail

Jan, 31, 2012 | Random, Support, Tips for Hosting | 2 Comments

To setup your copy of Mac Mail, do the following: 1. Start your copy of Mac Mail from the dock. 2. The Welcome to Mail screen will appear. Enter your name, department or business name in the Full name field. This is what people will see when they receive email from you. Enter the full email address and password in the corresponding fields below. Click on the Continue button 3. The Incoming Mail Server screen will appear. For Account Type select IMAP. For description enter a short summary of either the name or purpose of the mailbox. For Incoming Mail…

Setting Up Email on Thunderbird

Jan, 17, 2012 | Business Websites, Email, Random, Support, Tips for Hosting | 1 Comment

To setup an email address on your copy of Thunderbird (v7 or higher), do the following: 1. Go to the Tools menu and select Account Settings. 2. In the Account Settings dialogue box click on Account Actions. Select Add Mail Account.

Setup Email on iPad

May, 31, 2011 | Email, Support | 0 Comments

Setting up email on your iPad or iPad 2 is a hot topic. Due to a huge amount of our customers requesting information on how to do this, we have decided to create a detailed tutorial to allow for quick and easy setup.

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