Website Marketing With Google Adwords

May, 25, 2010 | Website Marketing | 1 Comment

In keeping with our Google related theme for this month, we would like to introduce Google Adwords, a method for advertising your website through paid search results. To read more on this theme, please see our other Google articles. Understanding who your target market is online is one thing, but reaching them is another. Once you are able to identify who exactly would be interested in visiting your website, you simply have to get them there, and that is a task that takes a bit of work. This is where some good website marketing using Google Adwords might come in…

Getting in Touch with the Target Market

Oct, 15, 2009 | Website Marketing | 0 Comments

The internet, to me, is sort of like a huge shopping centre where the web surfers are the shoppers and websites are the shops. Only, in this shopping centre, the shoppers aren’t automatically provided with a directory and map of all the shops, and the shop owners aren’t able to see the faces of the customers that actually enter. What we have here on the internet is a bunch of lost shoppers bouncing around until they randomly find themselves at a checkout counter. We also have a bunch of shop owners with no real idea of who composes their main…

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