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When you’re setting up an online business, one of the things you need to do is find a web host for your site. There are thousands of web hosting providers today offering different types of hosting services. Not all of them can give you everything you need. For example, shared hosting is perhaps the most common web hosting option today. It’s perfect for small online business owners who don’t expect to receive too much traffic on their sites. However, if you anticipate a huge growth in your business, you need a hosting service that can give you more space and…

An Introduction to VPS

Mar, 31, 2011 | Support, Web Hosting | 0 Comments

Recently we discussed recognising when you might need to move from shared hosting to a dedicated server. What wasn’t discussed was that, for some people, moving to a dedicated server is a big commitment of time and money. While dedicated servers are an excellent option, it is a big step from a shared server to dedicated server solution. Luckily for those people who are still unsure if a dedicated server is right for them, there is a middle ground. That middle ground is a Virtual Private Server, or VPS. I should note that all server types play a role, from…

Virtual machines: the essential tool for all web developers

Dec, 09, 2010 | Programming, Web Design, Webmaster | 0 Comments

Creating web products that look the same for everyone on the internet is not easy. With different browser vendors, operating systems and even different versions of browsers competing for market share, designers and developers need to take account of many things when creating new products. An effective way to address the problem is through “virtualisation”. What is virtualisation? Virtualisation involves running a special program that simulates a real computer in software, called a virtual machine . The virtual machine acts like a container inside the operating system, isolating the program from the main, or host, operating system. For example, a…

Every bug in the world can be solved with just 15 new lines!

May, 26, 2009 | Programming | 4 Comments

Customers of Digital Pacific will be happy to know that in a few months time, we will be moving to a new; more feature complete billing system that will provide many benefits to users. With our new billing system, Parallels Business Automation, users will be able to see all their invoices (past, present and future) and will be able to literally click one button and switch between all of their hosting control panels. This move, however, has not been without quite a number of funny mishaps while moving from our current billing system (ModernBill) to Parallels Business Automation (“PBA”). The…

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