Google’s Next Move Against Non-SSL Websites

Sep, 26, 2017 | Business Websites, Community, Online Security | 19 Comments
Google's Next Move Against Non-SSL Websites

If you wish to seek assistance or need some questions answered, feel free to call our sales team on 1300 694 678. From July 1st, Google Chrome 68 will be released which aims to further take the fight to websites that are still running without an SSL certificate, and are therefore insecure. Any sites that do not have SSL Certificates will be prominently marked in the address bar: The purpose of installing an SSL certificate is to encrypt the data travelling between your website and your visitors, ensuring that malicious third-parties can’t get their hands on the sensitive data your customers…

3 Useful Google Tools You Should Be Using With Your Website

Jul, 24, 2014 | Business Websites, Tips for Blogs, Webmaster | 0 Comments
Useful Google Tools

Running a website, be it personal or business related, isn’t as simple as purchasing a domain and hosting, installing a theme and then waiting for the traffic to come. If you want a truly successful website you need to put in the extra time and complete tasks such as statistic monitoring, which includes items such as visitor flow and user engagement, and the tweaking of website aspects such as design and content in order to provide a better experience for your visitors. Keeping track of your website statistics and web optimisation isn’t as time consuming as one might think due…

How To Use Google Web Fonts On Your Website

Oct, 10, 2013 | Tips for Blogs, Web Design, Webmaster | 0 Comments
How To Use Google Fonts

Google Web Fonts are Open Source fonts that anyone can use, privately or commercially. They can be used for various media, including websites and blogs, and can be used in print as well as electronically. There are over 500 fonts available for use and this, together with their accessibility and lack of restrictions on use, makes them extremely versatile. They can be used by both individuals and professional designers to make websites and printed media more attractive and appealing to their target market, without the use of images. Fonts can also be customised to individual requirements. Google Web Fonts differ…

Understanding SEO

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the art of designing a website so as to gain a good ranking with online search engines. The goal is to enable those who would be interested in the site’s content to easily find it. Whether you are selling a product, promoting a message, or simply sharing information, a website that is effectively optimised can attract more visitors, thereby making the site more successful. SEO has evolved considerably since its advent. Originally, SEO included such tactics as placing hidden text on the page, making use of deceptive redirects, and repeating keywords multiple times (known as…

SEO Tips

With some sensible planning and diligent work you can lift your site high in the search engines’ rankings. But make a few crucial mistakes, and your site may never leave the bottom. There are a few common mistakes that people make when optimizing their websites with on page SEO. So here are four examples of what NOT to do: 1. No Alt Tags Perhaps the most common mistake people make with on page SEO is leaving alt tags out of images. The alt tag is the text that shows up when a cursor hovers over an image. It’s also displayed…

The 15 Most Popular Sites on the Web

Aug, 31, 2011 | Twitter | 0 Comments

The internet plays such an important role in our day to day lives, but what would the web be without its famous websites? Domain names like Google and Youtube are known by hundreds of millions of internet users around the world. But what exactly are the most popular sites on the web? Here is our top 15: 1. Google It is no surprise that Google tops our list at number one. Google is by far the most popular search engine, accounting for nearly 2/3’s of the overall market share. 2. Facebook If any site has the capacity to rival Google…

Google Instant & Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Sep, 16, 2010 | Website Marketing | 0 Comments

When Google sneezes, the rest of the internet catches a cold. Every year brings announcements of new updates and additions to the world’s favorite search engine that cause panic amongst anyone with a vested interest in search engine optimisation. This panic is usually an overreaction to relatively minor changes which usually only negatively affect web pages that have used underhand techniques to rise through the search rankings. Google Instant seems a different proposition altogether as it fundamentally alters the way in which users search the internet. Users have searched the same way since the dawn of the internet age. They…

Website Marketing With Google Adwords

May, 25, 2010 | Website Marketing | 1 Comment

In keeping with our Google related theme for this month, we would like to introduce Google Adwords, a method for advertising your website through paid search results. To read more on this theme, please see our other Google articles. Understanding who your target market is online is one thing, but reaching them is another. Once you are able to identify who exactly would be interested in visiting your website, you simply have to get them there, and that is a task that takes a bit of work. This is where some good website marketing using Google Adwords might come in…

What is Google Maps, and how do I submit my business?

May, 20, 2010 | Webmaster, Website Marketing | 0 Comments

Ever wonder how some businesses get their listing along with a Google map at the top of search results? If you search for the term “Sydney massage” in Google, you will come to a page displaying the local business results first. This is obviously prime real estate when it comes to performing Web searches, pretty much giving businesses another method to making it to the top of page one without needing to focus so much on the SEO of their Web pages. To get your business and website listed (note: you do not need a website), then you need to…

Google’s New Look

May, 11, 2010 | Webmaster | 0 Comments

Google seems to be putting out one surprise after another lately. First, they get us with with the personalised search, and now it’s a fresh new look with added features. If you haven’t taken the time to read more about the new changes, and why Google made them, here’s a video to help you along: Basically, the team at Google took some of the features (the search options across the top of the page), expanded them and made them better. The search options are now available on the left-hand side of the page, with the Universal Search options being the…

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