10 things you should do just before your website goes live

Jun, 15, 2010 | Web Design, Webmaster | 1 Comment

There’s nothing quite like launching a new website. It could be days, weeks or months in the making. Hours may have been spent combing through each and every word, perfecting the message sent across to visitors. Even more time might have been spent playing around with colours and image placement. You may think you’re ready to go live, but are you really? Any webmaster knows there are a lot of little details that need to be looked at when putting a website up, including everything from checking the links to onpage SEO. With so much on your plate, it is…

Browser Compatibility: Checking Your Website

Oct, 01, 2009 | Webmaster | 1 Comment

Avant 11.7 Chrome Dillo Epiphany Firefox Flock Galeon Iceape Iceweasel Internet Explorer K-Meleon Kazehakase Konqueror Minefield Navigator Opera Safari SeaMonkey Shiretoko These are just a few of the web browsers available to web users around the world, but chances are you are using one of two popular options – Internet Explorer or Firefox – and sticking to that specific software. There’s definitely nothing wrong with this practice… until you start to build a website. While things might seem fine and dandy when you’re viewing it personally, web visitors might be surfing right in on another browser and seeing something a…

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