8 Fast Facts about Digital Pacific!

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For those of you who may be curious, we thought we’d round up 8 fast facts you may not know about Digital Pacific. From where we started, to where we are now, and a few of the bits in between!

1. Our head office is located next to Hyde Park in the Sydney CBD.

We’ve seen a couple of different neighborhoods in our time, from Redfern and Circular Quay, to our current home next to Hyde Park. Smack bang in the middle of town and surrounded by a completely acceptable number of good coffee places, our team enjoys either sweeping views across the beautiful park or over the city skyline from every side of the office.

Our office occupies a whole floor and is completely open plan aside from our meeting rooms. As you walk the loop around the office, you’ll pass by each of our teams sitting together in their pods, from the engineering team, to operations, sales, technical support, finance, billing, marketing and dev!

2. Our family has grown quite a lot!

What started out as a one-man project by Digital Pacific’s founder, Andrew Koloadin, quickly grew to a multi-brand family! In the beginning, we operated solely as Digital Pacific, but in 2015, two became one when we acquired fellow web hosting brand Crucial. Then, in 2017, we acquired the Anchor managed hosting brand and the family continued to grow. Later on in 2017, all 3 brands joined the Hostopia family, bringing a total of 6 web hosting teams together under one roof with the addition of Web24, Panthur and Ausweb.

3. Our primary data centre is located just around the corner in Pyrmont, Sydney.

We like to keep our servers right under our noses, ensuring our services are provided within the same geographic location and timezone as our support team. This also ensures optimal load speeds for our Australian customers and their websites.

4. We have talented staff members working from all around the globe.

We know talent when we see it, and to ensure our team is filled to the brim with the best of the best, we have several team members who operate from remote locations around the world. From Germany, the Phillipines and Canberra, certain globe-trotting staff members have been able to continue their roles with Digital Pacific by taking them on the road with them!

5. Friday night means PUBG and drinks!

On a Friday evening, once the clock strikes 5 you’ll find many staff members retiring to our comfy, well-equipped lounge area. Whether it’s PUBG or Mario Cart, there’s games, snacks and drinks all-round after a week well done.

6. Snacks, fruit, drinks, Friday lunches and good old fashioned home cooking.

Our office kitchen is always well equipped with drinks, fresh fruit, popcorn and a rotating selection of snacks for staff to enjoy. For Friday lunch, we like to put on a bit of a spread and share a meal together to talk about the week behind and the weekend ahead! And of course, it’s always a welcome sight when you see team members arriving in the morning with a tray of her freshly baked brownies!

As far as fan favourite lunches go, our team has always had a soft spot for burgers, pizza and a Lebanese buffet!

7. We’re always on the lookout for the right people!

If you’ve ever considered getting your foot in the door of the hosting industry, we’d love to hear from you. Whether you have no experience at all, or you’re a seasoned engineer, we’re always open to meeting enthusiastic individuals who align with our company values. You can check out our vacancies or get in touch directly at http://www.workatdp.com.

8. Our blog is bursting with tips and tricks for getting the most out of your hosting.

If this is your first time visiting our blog, you may want to kick your shoes off and take a look around! Our blog is frequently updated with articles on industry and company news, plus web hosting and even design and development tips! You can check out our blog home here.

That’s it from us for this week. As always, if you have any questions about this post or our shared hostingVPSreseller or dedicated server plans, simply call us on  1300 MY HOST (694 678) during business hours, or submit a ticket through our Support Portal and one of the crew will be in touch!

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