Microsoft SPLA Licence Price Changes

Feb, 28, 2019 | Company News | 2 responses

Microsoft has recently increased their licencing pricing across their suite of services, a change which generally occurs on an annual or biannual basis. While we do our best to absorb the vast majority of those changes in costs, ensuring consistent and affordable pricing, we occasionally must adjust our pricing in line with the increases from our suppliers.

Commencing March 2019, the price of Microsoft software licences will rise 15%.  The specific adjustment on your service will vary, depending on the licences purchased and volume. An example of the price adjustments is provided below.

 Example License Type Example Pricing
 February 2019
 Example Pricing
March 2019
 Windows Server Standard (2-core licenses) $8.75 $10.00
 Windows Server Datacentre (2-core licenses) $46.25 $53.50
 SQL Web Edition (2-core licenses/SAL) $24.50 $28.50
 SQL Standard Edition (2-core licenses/SAL) $249.50 $287.00
 Windows RDS – Remote Desktop Services (SAL) $10.00 $11.50
 Office Standard (SAL) $24.90 $28.50
 Office Professional (SAL) $29.90 $34.50
 Microsoft Exchange Standard (SAL) $3.99 $4.75
 Microsoft Sharepoint Standard (SAL) $7.90 $9.00

The licence prices listed are monthly.

We thank you for your continued trust in our services, as this is the first time we have passed on a Microsoft pricing increase in more than 4 years. To review your update to date billing amounts, login to the Client Area.


Comment Posted By: Bernard Ashcroft

Given that Wildlife Rescue Inc has purchased a licence which (I understand) expires on 2nd Apr 2020, can you please specify precisely how these Microsoft price increase will effect WRI.

Comment Posted By: Andrew Haine

Hi Bernard
For client-specific information, please could you submit a support ticket via your client protal at: , and one of our team will be in touch soon!

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