3 Easy Tips to Help Secure Your WordPress Site

Jan, 07, 2011 | Support, Web Design, Webmaster | 0 Comments

The chances of someone hacking into your WordPress site are much more common than you think. The last thing you need is someone pretending to be you — publishing inappropriate content and sending out offensive emails! What’s worse is that if hackers gain access to your site, they can also upload viruses or add hidden links and tags throughout your site. This often results in your site being picked up by Google and consequently shut down. (To detect them, run a WordPress scanner.) The sad news is that you can never prevent people hacking into your blog. But the good…

Blog Hosting

Jan, 15, 2010 | Web Hosting, Webmaster | 1 Comment

It seems that we often talk about blogs around here as being an added benefit to an existing business, or other, website. The truth is that blogs are for everyone – with or without that existing website or business. In reality, many individuals will often choose to have a blog website instead of a standard website because a blog is easy to manage and also allows information to be displayed on static pages. Getting a blog website of your very own, with a specific domain name of your choosing, is made possible by initially acquiring blog hosting. Blog hosting allows…

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