Transferring Domain Names

Aug, 08, 2013 | Domain Names | 0 Comments
Transferring Domain Names

Transferring a domain name after registration can be the best way to get an effective domain name and high-quality hosting with two different companies. Some companies that offer domain names are known for strict rules related to hosting that do not work for every individual. However, the process of transferring a domain name is not always simple.   WHAT IS A DOMAIN NAME? Domain names are the website addresses that a person types into a browser in order to access a specific website. These names consist of letters and numbers that are typically relevant to the content of the website….

How do I transfer my domain?

Jul, 25, 2009 | Domain Names, Support, Web Hosting | 0 Comments

Sometimes a domain name provider may charge a lot more than another for domain names. Because of this, a very popular support call to Digital Pacific involves the question, as seen in the title, “How do I transfer my domain name?” Normally, this question is asked in the sense that a customer has already purchased a domain name from another provider and would like to transfer it to Digital Pacific, perhaps to take advantage of a decreased registration fee. Since this is such a popular topic, we have decided to focus on the process in this article. Why would I…

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