5 Professional Image Editing Programs

Nov, 23, 2009 | Webmaster | 5 Comments

For those who have decided to be brave and attempt to code their own website, here are some additional tools (yes, there are plenty of tools to go around) to help you put the design into that site. These design tools will assist in creating more dynamic and creative layouts and themes by providing the ability to customise photos, graphics and icons to specific needs. Design tools should definitely be used in conjunction with coding tools in order to maximise the entire website building experience. Adobe Photoshop is a professional quality, high-end photo and graphics editing tool. Used by web…

Preventing Image Theft with Watermarks

Sep, 24, 2009 | Webmaster | 0 Comments

Did you know that anytime you put an image up on your website, you are opening yourself up to the risk of image theft? It’s true! It seems that nothing is safe in this world anymore, not even the images you use to showcase your products and services online. Just think about the time, and money, that went in to getting those little guys web friendly in the first place, and now someone else might be using your hard work to their benefit. Fortunately, there are ways you can protect your website from image theft. Even though you can use…

How To Create a Favicon.ico

Apr, 30, 2009 | Webmaster | 1 Comment

Part of the branding process for a popular website involves having a recognisable image, whether that be through a logo design or website theme and colour scheme. You might even notice when navigating your bookmarks or browser tabs that many websites, like Twitter and Digital Pacific, have that ever-so-tiny favicon.ico image present. Favicon.ico actually stands for favourite icon, and now you can make your own, further pushing your own brand, by following these simple steps. Step 1: Create a tiny image, 16 x 16 pixels to be exact. Yes, it is tiny, so make it as simple as possible while…

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