Digital Pacific: The Beginner’s Guide To Web Hosting

Hosting Breakdown

The first thing anyone new to the hosting sphere will notice is that there are a lot of options. From shared hosting, cPanel hosting, reseller hosting, WHM hosting, VPS hosting and Dedicated Server hosting – each company has its own way of naming all the options – but what do they all actually mean and which one really suits you best? We decided to break down each level of hosting to point you in the right direction for what your business may need. Shared hosting is one of the most commonly offered hosting types on the market. It generally represents…

What Is Reseller Hosting?

Jun, 23, 2014 | Business Websites, Web Hosting | 2 Comments
What Is Reseller Hosting

A web hosting reseller program is a means for an individual or company to essentially start their own hosting service without the hefty start up costs that come with it, making it a popular activity for those looking to earn a little extra income. Reseller programs are offered by parent hosting providers, such as Digital Pacific, by offering a set allocation of resources to the reseller who is given the permission to sell it directly to customers of their own. Unlike running a complete hosting service, the reselling of web hosting does not particularly require an extensive knowledge of hardware…

Affiliate or Reseller: Which Is Best for Me?

Oct, 23, 2013 | Business Websites, Web Hosting | 0 Comments
Affiliate or Reseller

Becoming an online entrepreneur through Web hosting partner programs is both fun and rewarding, but it can be difficult to determine the best way to make such an endeavour profitable. In the past, an individual who wanted to make money as a Web host had to invest tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars on networking equipment and staff, but today, two different avenues are available that allow entrepreneurs to make a profit selling website hosting plans to others: affiliate programs and reseller programs. However, it takes a little research and thought to discover exactly which one works best for…

Shared & Reseller Plans FREE Upgrade Recap — More Space, More Bandwidth

Mar, 15, 2011 | Company News | 0 Comments

Good news for Digital Pacific customers. Going forward, we are offering more space and bandwidth at no extra cost to you! This means that existing customers get an automatic FREE upgrade on their current plans while new customers enjoy a better deal. In short, you get more for the same, low 2010 prices. All Personal Web Hosting, Business Web Hosting and Reseller Hosting plans will feature various upgrades. See below for a breakdown on what’s changed. Make it personal. If you like to dabble online, we’re sure there is a personal web hosting plan to suit your needs. At least…

How will I Know if I Need a Dedicated Server?

Feb, 22, 2011 | Web Hosting | 2 Comments

Many growing websites and online businesses will eventually hit the limitations of shared hosting. While shared hosting is a cost-effective solution for smaller sites, some people will need more.The question for these websites and business is, “How will I know if I need a dedicated server?” Do you need room to move? Many shared hosting facilities have limitations on storage space and the number of files you can store on your share of the server. This can be an issue for community-based sites that encourage members to upload files such as user account avatars or larger files like user-generated audio…

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