CMS Comparison: Drupal, Joomla or WordPress?

Jul, 25, 2013 | Business Websites, Tips for Blogs, Webmaster | 0 Comments
CMS Comparison

Businesses that are beginning a new website or looking to enliven their current sites may be wondering which content management system (CMS) is right for their companies. Three of the most widely used systems on the Internet, and included in our CMS comparison, are Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress. All three of these open-source software systems are free to download, and the constantly updated and improved functions and options make them easy-to-use and customizable for individual businesses. Each CMS has a helpful community of users that will provide technical support, and each is a sustainable platform for the foreseeable future. However,…

Blog Tips

If you want to make your blog matter, you’re going to have to do three things that SEO can’t do for you – you’re going to have to be consistent, frequent, and able to produce quality content. Think about every blog and website you have ever bookmarked. There’s a reason you keep going there – it’s because whenever you do, there’s always something new and interesting to read. Always having something to show your readers requires your site to be updated consistently and frequently with quality content. Consistency Consistency tells your devoted readership that when they arrive on a certain…

Never Had a Website? No Worries! Try a CMS

Aug, 09, 2010 | Web Design | 0 Comments

We get plenty of customers coming to us concerned that they won’t be able to get a website going since they have never done it before. There’s so much to learn as a total beginner, and it is usually so much that it scares them away from giving it that initial go. However, with the Internet being around for some time now, many systems have been put into play that make it so even individuals with no prior knowledge can harness its power. So, if you’re wondering, “Can I make a website if I’ve never had any experience?” then you…

Content Management Systems – The 12 Most Popular Requested by Our Customers

Feb, 05, 2010 | Support, Webmaster | 6 Comments

Many people phone Digital Pacific to ask if we can run a particular type of Content Management System (CMS). Generally speaking, if the CMS runs using PHP and MySQL it can be hosted by Digital Pacific. To technical, PHP is a scripting language used to create dynamic websites. It works with the MySQL database to present a website’s content that has been stored on the server in its tables and cells. To break it down, you could imagine a MySQL database as being like an Excel spreadsheet. The PHP code calls specific tables and cells of information and then presents…

iPhone Applications for Content Management on the Go – WordPress, Drupal & Joomla!

Nov, 12, 2009 | Webmaster | 1 Comment

With the popularity of iPhones, and other mobile browsing devices, more people are starting to do everything from paying bills to buying Christmas presents right from their hand-held phones. The convenience that mobile internet brings is undeniable, and iPhones, with their various applications, are making it even more user-friendly. There are now even WordPress, Joomla! and Drupal apps that make thoroughly managing your CMS website directly from your iPhone a possibility. WordPress for iPhone – WordPress for iPhone is a new application that gives the iPhone user the easy and customised way to manage a WordPress website while on the…

How to Build a Website

Oct, 29, 2009 | Webmaster | 0 Comments

Being a web hosting company and providing the means for users to gain a presence online, we get countless enquiries on how to build a website. Even though we don’t provide support for actually creating a website, being the happy, helpful company that we are, we try to give our customers a fair bit of information on the basics, from easy to hard, on the various ways it can be done. Our advice can be broken down a little bit like the following: Easy = Sitebuilder Application (no longer available) Sitebuilder is a very basic platform to put together a…

Preventing Image Theft with Watermarks

Sep, 24, 2009 | Webmaster | 0 Comments

Did you know that anytime you put an image up on your website, you are opening yourself up to the risk of image theft? It’s true! It seems that nothing is safe in this world anymore, not even the images you use to showcase your products and services online. Just think about the time, and money, that went in to getting those little guys web friendly in the first place, and now someone else might be using your hard work to their benefit. Fortunately, there are ways you can protect your website from image theft. Even though you can use…

Importance of Updating CMS Software

Jun, 16, 2009 | Webmaster | 2 Comments

In a previous blog post, we discussed and compared the Content Management Systems of Drupal, Joomla!, and WordPress. This blog post will now take a look at the importance of keeping that software, and any software for that matter, at an updated level. Security Website security is probably the most important reason to update your Drupal, Joomla!, and WordPress systems. When the administrators of these systems send out a new update, it most likely has made changes to protect the structure and keep hackers from taking over your site. Are you using this CMS to build a business presence on…

Drupal, Joomla!, and WordPress – Which CMS to Choose?

Jun, 09, 2009 | Webmaster | 20 Comments

For those individuals looking to create a website generating lots of content, but not looking to spend loads of money on a web designer, perhaps choosing a great Content Management System (CMS) is the way to go. A Content Management System, such as Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress, takes the need for a web designer out of the picture and puts you in the driver’s seat. What this CMS software does is generate a set base of code, wrap it in a template design, and then translate the means to create and manage a website into a friendlier and readable mode….

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