How to Choose a Good Hosting Site

Jun, 02, 2011 | Tips for Hosting | 0 Comments

As business owners embark on the process of setting up a website for their business, it quickly becomes apparent that a quality web hosting site is needed. It may sound like a simple requirement, but there is a plethora of hosting companies from which to select and suddenly, discerning the good from the not so good becomes a perplexing task.

Understanding SEO

May, 26, 2011 | SEO Explained | 1 Comment

Other than having a vague sense that ‘SEO’ is important, many businesses and business owners have a limited understanding of what SEO is and the impact that it can make.

What’s in a Name? — Choosing a Domain Name

May, 19, 2011 | Great Domain Names | 0 Comments

Few things are more important to the success of a business website than its domain name. There may be a lot of technical aspects to consider when a website is created, developed and launched – such as: the use of dedicated servers, platforms and programming, but your domain name serves as the headline of your business.

How to Set Up a Business Website

May, 12, 2011 | Business Websites | 0 Comments

When we consider the ways that business is done in this day and age and the ways that people go about searching for a business or service, it is all but imperative for businesses to have a website.

How to Set Up a Blog

May, 05, 2011 | Tips for Blogs | 0 Comments

These days words such as ‘blog’ and ‘blogging’ have become part of the vernacular. We associate these words with the sharing of information and ideas via the internet and, for many of us, blogs provide a useful forum for learning about the experiences of others and becoming privy to their recommendations and warnings – on a seemingly infinite number of topics.

How to use Domain Names to Protect your Online Brand

It is important to begin developing strategies to protect your business’ brand as soon as you launch its web presence. A key element of your online brand is a good domain name. You can find strategies for selecting a good domain name in a number of places. However, some basic principles to keep in mind are to try and keep the domain name simple, keep it close to your business name or how people refer to your business, and make it easy to pronounce and spell by avoiding hyphens, numerical characters and unusual spelling if you can. Once you have…

IPv4 Exhaustion – Is The Internet Running Out Of Room?

Apr, 12, 2011 | Domain Names, Random, Web Hosting | 1 Comment

As you may have already read, the internet is, in theory, about to run out of IP addresses. “What does that even mean?” I hear you ask, and I’m glad you did. There is a lot of conflicting information about this address situation (also known as “IPv4 exhaustion“) and what it means for internet users, with the most obvious concern cited that somehow the internet is about to “run out of room”. Rest assured that this is not the case. There are plenty of IP addresses for everybody. What is an IP address anyway? IP stands for Internet Protocol, which…

AuDA’s NEW Domain Name Drop List

Apr, 28, 2010 | Domain Names | 2 Comments

AuDA, the Australian domain authority, has recently released the Domain Drop List on their official website. The Domain Drop List will mention all domains in the .au domain that are about to be purged from the registrant system, and then put back on the market as available to be registered by anyone who so desires. The list contains both domains that have simply expired and domains that have either been deleted by the previous owner, or by auDA themselves. This, along with other policy changes, first appears daunting to current .au domain owners, but upon further review provides several benefits…

Happy Belated Birthday, Dotcom!

Mar, 24, 2010 | Domain Names | 0 Comments

Did you know that the dotcom domain celebrated a milestone birthday last week? March 15, 2010 marked the 25th anniversary of the day the very first dotcom domain name was registered. It was 1985, and one company – Symbolics computers – registered the very first domain with a dotcom address ( You were probably oblivious to this achievement as it was not a popular topic at the time. In fact, only 5 other companies took advantage of registering dotcoms that very year, showing just how slow the dotcom revolution was to catch on in the beginning. Twelve years passed before…

Domain Renewal Scam – Warning

Dec, 09, 2009 | Domain Names | 7 Comments

Knowing how important the domain name is to individuals and businesses online, some sneaky scam artists are tricking people into renewing the domain name early, and transferring domain registrars in the process. There is one company in particular that we have received various letters on ourselves that we would like to point out to unsuspecting domain owners. We have also decided to label it as a scam even though it is technically a legit, yet shady, business practice. Since domain owner information and domain expiration dates are listed in the public WHOIS directory, this company is taking advantage of this…

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