What Is Cloud Hosting

Granted that you have not spent the last few years hiding in a cave sans computer and Internet connection, you should be familiar with cloud hosting or must have at least heard of it. However, regardless of whether or not you know what it is, chances are that you’ve already been exposed to this kind of hosting service. Google, after all, is among the biggest and earliest proponents of “the cloud.” So if you’ve ever performed a Google search or used Gmail, then yes you do have experience with a cloud-hosted site. But what exactly is cloud hosting? Simply put,…

Setting Up Mac Mail

Jan, 31, 2012 | Random, Support, Tips for Hosting | 2 Comments

To setup your copy of Mac Mail, do the following: 1. Start your copy of Mac Mail from the dock. 2. The Welcome to Mail screen will appear. Enter your name, department or business name in the Full name field. This is what people will see when they receive email from you. Enter the full email address and password in the corresponding fields below. Click on the Continue button 3. The Incoming Mail Server screen will appear. For Account Type select IMAP. For description enter a short summary of either the name or purpose of the mailbox. For Incoming Mail…

Setting Up Email on Thunderbird

Jan, 17, 2012 | Business Websites, Email, Random, Support, Tips for Hosting | 1 Comment

To setup an email address on your copy of Thunderbird (v7 or higher), do the following: 1. Go to the Tools menu and select Account Settings. 2. In the Account Settings dialogue box click on Account Actions. Select Add Mail Account.

How To Get Your Business Online

While making money on the Internet is certainly not as easy as it used to be, there are still plenty of opportunities out there. With a realistic approach and plenty of patience, many people are perfectly capable of making an income online. While there are freelancing opportunities to accommodate a wide variety of skills such as writing, web design and much more, starting your own business from scratch is somewhat more challenging. One of the greatest attractions to starting an online business is that the costs are minimal. Keeping your goals realistic is also essential. It’s wise to completely ignore…

Seven Good Reasons to Buy a Domain Name For Your Small Business Blog

If you are starting a blog for your small business it’s tempting to skip buying a domain name and jump right into a free blog hosting service. You’re trying to grow your business so you want to keep costs down where you can. Free is good, right? Wrong. If you are at all serious about your company, be nice to your business blog and buy it a domain name.  Here are seven good reasons why you should register a domain name for your small business blog. 1. If the aim of your blog is to market a business then it…

8 SEO Tips That Will Skyrocket Your Websites Online Exposure

Getting your website noticed online can be a difficult proposition. Beyond choosing a catchy domain name, what tools are at your disposal to increase your online exposure? One of the best tools available for this purpose is SEO — search engine optimization. This process works by creating web content that contains a certain number of keywords. When you’re content is properly saturated with these keywords, the chances of your website popping up in relevant search results is greatly increased. Here are eight SEO tips that will boost your websites online exposure: 1. Keyword Selection Keyword selection is the most important…

How to Make Money Selling Domain Names

Aug, 23, 2011 | Domain Names | 1 Comment

There are so many ways to make money online – you can create AdSense websites that earn money when people click on your banner ads; you can sell wholesale items on eBay for a huge profit; you can even work as a freelance graphic designer or a freelance writer on sites like Elance.com and Guru.com. But one of the best ways to make money online is to sell domain names. Domain names are defined as “hostnames that identify Internet Protocol (IP) resources such as web sites”. They are incredibly easy to purchase, but it does take some time to develop…

How to Market Your Business Online

Jun, 23, 2011 | Attracting Clients | 0 Comments

Here in the twenty first century we are faced with a range of innovative and powerful ways to market our businesses. No longer do we have to rely on traditional forms of advertising, such as: print media and television, we are now offered opportunities to market our businesses via the internet and social media.

5 Tips to Increase Visitors to Your Site

Jun, 16, 2011 | Attracting Clients | 1 Comment

While it is important and all but essential for businesses of different sizes, types and purposes to have websites, those that are serious about increasing traffic to their site and converting interest into sales and lucrative connections know that strategies must be used to increase the number of visitors to your site. No longer is it just enough to create a site and expect people to come, website owners must be active in attracting visitors to their sites.

Understanding SSL Certificates

Jun, 09, 2011 | Online Security | 0 Comments

The power and potential of the internet is so vast and incredible that offers you as a business owner the potential to reach millions of new customers. In this day and age, businesses that choose not to have a website are putting themselves at serious risk and disadvantage – customers and clients want and expect you to have an online presence and a web-based source of information and access.

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