Digital Pacific: The Beginner’s Guide To Web Hosting

Hosting Breakdown

The first thing anyone new to the hosting sphere will notice is that there are a lot of options. From shared hosting, cPanel hosting, reseller hosting, WHM hosting, VPS hosting and Dedicated Server hosting – each company has its own way of naming all the options – but what do they all actually mean and which one really suits you best? We decided to break down each level of hosting to point you in the right direction for what your business may need. Shared hosting is one of the most commonly offered hosting types on the market. It generally represents…

Understanding Dedicated Hosting

Jan, 31, 2011 | Web Hosting | 1 Comment

As you may already be aware, not all servers are the same. The level of support, bandwidth, storage space and available software usually depends on how much money you are prepared to spend. Most small businesses will begin with “shared hosting”, where many websites share the one physical server. All the storage space, RAM, CPU and bandwidth of the server is divided up amongst the different sites. While shared hosting is a good choice for personal and small scale business sites, it is designed for sites with modest needs. As your requirements change with your growing business, you may wish…

Dedicated Server Operating Systems

Apr, 22, 2010 | Web Hosting, Webmaster | 1 Comment

Dedicated servers give a person or business plenty of flexibility when it comes to web hosting. That flexibility encompasses the ability to choose a dedicated server operating system that suits your needs. There are several options available involving either a Linux or a Windows based system, each of which we will discuss briefly below. Linux Linux is a Unix-like operating system that is completely open source, and predominantly used on servers. Based on the Linux kernel written by Linus Torvalds, Linux is free to use, modify, enhance and redistribute under the GNU General Public License.   CentOS CentOS, which stands…

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