How To Setup A Cron Job In cPanel

Jul, 14, 2014 | Tips for Hosting, Webmaster | 1 Comment

A cron job is a linux specific command that is used for the scheduling of a request, command or script on your server that makes it convenient to automatically complete repetitive tasks. This assists in saving time for a webmaster when it comes to tasks that may otherwise take a big chunk of time to complete manually or small tasks that may need to be actioned on a regular basis. Cron Jobs are often used to execute scripts that modify files and databases, send out emails and notifications or run various different checks against files, directories and databases. How It…

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Introducing The PHP Selector

May, 13, 2014 | Company News, Support, Tips for Hosting | 0 Comments
PHP Selector

In an exciting update to our Shared and Reseller Hosting platforms, Digital Pacific is pleased to provide our customers with the power and flexibility to choose which version of PHP they use to run their websites. Using Digital Pacific’s new PHP Selector, customers are given the freedom to choose which version of PHP is used for their website via their cPanel interface. This new level of control presents our customers with the most flexible web-hosting environment available and is provided to our Reseller Partners and their customers as well.  PHP is a programming language used by the most popular web…

How to Manage SPAM in cPanel

To setup your control panel to manage SPAM email, do the following: 1.  Log into your control panel at: Replace with the domain name of your hosting account. If you are unsure of your cPanel login details please refer the the email “Hosting Account Information – Please Keep Safe – Please do not reply”. This email was originally sent out to your default billing email address when you first purchased your web hosting. 2.  Go to the Mail section and select MailScanner Configuration

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