Lava Lamps Encrypt Your Data?!

Aug, 24, 2017 | Cloud Hosting, Online Security | 1 Comment
lava lamps data encryption

Lava lamps, believe it or not, have various uses: they look cool, work great in low light, can keep me occupied for several hours, and can act as a random number generator for data encryption. Ahyup. What the hell are you talking about? In the San Francisco office lobby of renowned cloud network and online security company, CloudFlare, is a wall; but not just any wall–this wall holds 100 lava lamps that have a (not so) secret mission. It may seem like a weird 60s design fetish, but the lava lamp wall is actually used as one of CloudFlare’s many…

What Is Cloud Hosting

Granted that you have not spent the last few years hiding in a cave sans computer and Internet connection, you should be familiar with cloud hosting or must have at least heard of it. However, regardless of whether or not you know what it is, chances are that you’ve already been exposed to this kind of hosting service. Google, after all, is among the biggest and earliest proponents of “the cloud.” So if you’ve ever performed a Google search or used Gmail, then yes you do have experience with a cloud-hosted site. But what exactly is cloud hosting? Simply put,…

Advantages Of Cloud Hosting

With cloud hosting you can perform computing tasks via the Internet. The term “cloud” refers to a network of servers on the net. These servers contain software that you, as a cloud hosting client, can use. This means you no longer have to store bulky software packages on your own server, and because of high speed internet connections, applications runs faster than ever before. However, this is just the start of the advantages that cloud hosting offers. Here is an overview of the main benefits of cloud hosting. Efficiency Employees can work independently when on location. All information necessary to…

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