How and Why Your Business Should Be Actively Using Facebook

Business Facebook

Facebook is a powerful tool designed to allow easy interaction between friends, family and associates for anyone around the world. However, the ability to effectively promote your business and it’s products or services via the social platform is of significant importance and super easy to do, should you know how to go about it in the best way. Facebook boasts more than 1 billion, yes billion with a b, active users which is a huge amount of potential reach for businesses looking to further expand their customer base and brand recognition. Getting your name and products out and in front…

SEO Tips For Business Websites

Jul, 29, 2014 | Attracting Clients, SEO Explained, Website Marketing | 0 Comments
SEO Tips For Business Websites

Attracting visitors to your business website is important for the acquisition of leads and sales, it would seem almost pointless to run a business website without doing it. There are so many varied methods for the generation of traffic including those of both a free and paid nature which each have their own unique advantages. If you’re looking for quick results and an explosion of traffic then the ideal solution for you may be a paid advertising campaign through a specialised service like Google Adwords or a social media platform such as Facebook. However, if you’re looking for a longer…

How Blogging Can Have A Positive Impact On Your Business

May, 07, 2014 | Attracting Clients, Business Websites, Tips for Blogs | 0 Comments
business blogging

Some days, it can seem that everyone has a blog – or some variant form such as a microblog, group blog, photoblog or vlog. It’s easy to dismiss blogging as a form of self-indulgence, like publishing a diary, but business owners ignore blogging to their cost. A business blog can be a simple way to create and improve relations with customers, as well as attracting more business to a central website. ORIGINS The term “blog” – a contraction of “weblog” – dates to the late 1990s, around the same time that blogs became a major internet phenomenon. Online diaries and…

5 Ways To Make Your Business Website Better

Nov, 12, 2013 | Attracting Clients, Business Websites | 0 Comments
Make Your Business Website Better

A company website often serves as the initial contact between the business and its potential customers. These websites offer businesses an opportunity to connect with customers, generate positive leads, and streamline their customer service operations. By paying attention to several key website components, a business can maximize the potential of its website. 1. Improve Accessibility For All Devices Today’s web surfers use a variety of devices to access the Internet. Some users, for example, enjoy browsing the Internet on their smartphones while they watch television or commute to work. Failing to provide features that improve the experiences of these mobile…

Words That Sell

Mar, 17, 2011 | Marketing and PR | 0 Comments

In the age of information, what really stands out anymore? What is the trigger that makes you read on? Certainly, the many available forms of media including graphics, music and video may momentarily engage us but when it gets down to it, the text is what compels readers to press on and potentially act on that information. When writing to make a sale, there are a number of elements to consider. For instance, you want to include the right sentence and paragraph lengths, rhythm, strong headlines and sub-headlines, linking words, simple (easy-to-read) language and attention grabbing words — the words…

Shared & Reseller Plans FREE Upgrade Recap — More Space, More Bandwidth

Mar, 15, 2011 | Company News | 0 Comments

Good news for Digital Pacific customers. Going forward, we are offering more space and bandwidth at no extra cost to you! This means that existing customers get an automatic FREE upgrade on their current plans while new customers enjoy a better deal. In short, you get more for the same, low 2010 prices. All Personal Web Hosting, Business Web Hosting and Reseller Hosting plans will feature various upgrades. See below for a breakdown on what’s changed. Make it personal. If you like to dabble online, we’re sure there is a personal web hosting plan to suit your needs. At least…

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