Gaining Your Website Visitors’ Trust

Jul, 15, 2010 | Web Design, Webmaster | 0 Comments

If you want your visitors to return, or if you want to turn your visitors into customers, a base rule is that you need to gain their trust. Only, gaining visitor trust through a website can be easier said than done. In fact, it involves being able to portray an open and honest vibe throughout the entire website in a way that makes them not feel like they have to look for another. The following points should be considered when trying to gain visitors’ trust. Give the user the information they want and need easily. Visitors love it when all…

Web Page Navigation – Getting Your Visitors From A to B

Jul, 07, 2010 | Support, Web Design, Webmaster | 0 Comments

How good are you at getting your web visitors from point A to B on your website? If you haven’t thought about that question much in the past, it is definitely something to put on your to-do list now. Simply getting your web visitors from A to B can rely mostly on your web page navigation system and how it is set up. Here are some tips to keep in mind while assessing your layout. Keep It Simple Like so many other things in life, simple is better. Too many links in too many places can be overwhelming and confusing,…

What’s New in WordPress 3.0

Jul, 01, 2010 | Support, Webmaster | 0 Comments

If you haven’t upgraded to WordPress 3.0 yet, we definitely suggest you get on it. Upgrading this CMS not only makes your install more secure, but it also opens you up to some amazing new features. Seriously, this is one update you would be sad to miss given the number of fantastic upgrades and features. Here are some of those that should be noted. Custom Username On the initial install, users are given the option to choose a custom username instead of using the standard “admin”. There have been security risks associated with the past use of “admin”, so the…

Website Redesign: Don’t Forget Your Purpose

Jun, 29, 2010 | Web Design, Webmaster | 0 Comments

The world of web design is constantly changing, and let’s face it: your website (the one that you spent forever designing in the first place) can age within a few years and look outdated. Keeping fresh appearances can take a lot of time and effort, but in doing so, you’ll be putting your best foot forward in a very, very long race. If you have been thinking of doing a website redesign, it is imperative to not get carried away. Focus is key, meaning you don’t want to take away the elements that are already working well, and you don’t…

The Newbie’s Guide to Getting Online

Jun, 21, 2010 | Domain Names | 0 Comments

Web hosting, bandwidth, domain names and code – where to start?! We understand that getting a website set up for the very first time can be a little on the overwhelming side for those not experienced. Choosing what’s going to work best for your needs takes into account numerous factors, but we’ve tried to make it easier with this handy guide. The first thing on the list is a web hosting plan. Web hosting is essential when wanting to set up a website because it acts as the place that stores the files, images and documents that make up your…

10 things you should do just before your website goes live

Jun, 15, 2010 | Web Design, Webmaster | 1 Comment

There’s nothing quite like launching a new website. It could be days, weeks or months in the making. Hours may have been spent combing through each and every word, perfecting the message sent across to visitors. Even more time might have been spent playing around with colours and image placement. You may think you’re ready to go live, but are you really? Any webmaster knows there are a lot of little details that need to be looked at when putting a website up, including everything from checking the links to onpage SEO. With so much on your plate, it is…

The most popular email clients: both free and paid versions for windows and macs.

Jun, 10, 2010 | Email, Web Hosting | 2 Comments
The most popular email clients: both free and paid versions for windows and macs.

With a Digital Pacific hosting account, there’s always the opportunity to get your email hosted as well. This email is available in a webmail version at all times, but for those that want better email management, an email client is generally the way to go. Dozens of these clients are available on the market, both free and paid, so the main question is which one to choose. Here is a list of the most commonly used email clients and a little bit about them. Email Clients for WINDOWS Microsoft Outlook comes in a couple versions, which are Outlook 2003 and…

Website Marketing With Google Adwords

May, 25, 2010 | Website Marketing | 1 Comment

In keeping with our Google related theme for this month, we would like to introduce Google Adwords, a method for advertising your website through paid search results. To read more on this theme, please see our other Google articles. Understanding who your target market is online is one thing, but reaching them is another. Once you are able to identify who exactly would be interested in visiting your website, you simply have to get them there, and that is a task that takes a bit of work. This is where some good website marketing using Google Adwords might come in…

What is Google Maps, and how do I submit my business?

May, 20, 2010 | Webmaster, Website Marketing | 0 Comments

Ever wonder how some businesses get their listing along with a Google map at the top of search results? If you search for the term “Sydney massage” in Google, you will come to a page displaying the local business results first. This is obviously prime real estate when it comes to performing Web searches, pretty much giving businesses another method to making it to the top of page one without needing to focus so much on the SEO of their Web pages. To get your business and website listed (note: you do not need a website), then you need to…

Online Business vs Offline Business

May, 17, 2010 | Website Marketing | 2 Comments

At the end of 2009, the number of Internet subscribers in Australia reached 9.1 million, getting close to nearly half of the entire population. That fact provided by the Australia Bureau of Statistics only accounts for subscribers, and not for the number of Internet users in total, which was also said in 2009 to reach the 17 million mark. With statistics like these, there is really no reason why you should not be getting your business online today. The position of the Internet in today’s lifestyle makes it virtually impossible to not see benefits by initiating the change, and doing…

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