Online Business vs Offline Business

May, 17, 2010 | Website Marketing | 2 Comments

At the end of 2009, the number of Internet subscribers in Australia reached 9.1 million, getting close to nearly half of the entire population. That fact provided by the Australia Bureau of Statistics only accounts for subscribers, and not for the number of Internet users in total, which was also said in 2009 to reach the 17 million mark. With statistics like these, there is really no reason why you should not be getting your business online today. The position of the Internet in today’s lifestyle makes it virtually impossible to not see benefits by initiating the change, and doing…

Google’s New Look

May, 11, 2010 | Webmaster | 0 Comments

Google seems to be putting out one surprise after another lately. First, they get us with with the personalised search, and now it’s a fresh new look with added features. If you haven’t taken the time to read more about the new changes, and why Google made them, here’s a video to help you along: Basically, the team at Google took some of the features (the search options across the top of the page), expanded them and made them better. The search options are now available on the left-hand side of the page, with the Universal Search options being the…

Web History Lesson – 10 Unusual Technology Milestones

May, 05, 2010 | Random | 0 Comments

Over time, there have been many moments in the history of the Web that have been notable milestones. Some of these milestones may happen to be a little on the more unusual side, but still they show just how far the World Wide Web has come. Here are a few of those moments: 1. Free Technology – In 1993, a big decision was made to make the web programming code accessible and free. The effect this had was rapid growth for the Internet since more people were able to work and build it up, sort of like open source software….

Password Protection

May, 03, 2010 | Support, Webmaster | 0 Comments

The Internet is a powerful tool that can bring the entire world to us with one simple click. On the other hand, if used incorrectly, it can bring us to the world – and not in a good way. I’m talking about Internet security. Everywhere you look there is a new security threat making itself known, causing countless people to be asked to change their passwords again and again. We at Digital Pacific know how frustrating it can be to have to remember yet another password, but we also understand that it is often just a good password that is…

AuDA’s NEW Domain Name Drop List

Apr, 28, 2010 | Domain Names | 2 Comments

AuDA, the Australian domain authority, has recently released the Domain Drop List on their official website. The Domain Drop List will mention all domains in the .au domain that are about to be purged from the registrant system, and then put back on the market as available to be registered by anyone who so desires. The list contains both domains that have simply expired and domains that have either been deleted by the previous owner, or by auDA themselves. This, along with other policy changes, first appears daunting to current .au domain owners, but upon further review provides several benefits…

Dedicated Server Operating Systems

Apr, 22, 2010 | Web Hosting, Webmaster | 1 Comment

Dedicated servers give a person or business plenty of flexibility when it comes to web hosting. That flexibility encompasses the ability to choose a dedicated server operating system that suits your needs. There are several options available involving either a Linux or a Windows based system, each of which we will discuss briefly below. Linux Linux is a Unix-like operating system that is completely open source, and predominantly used on servers. Based on the Linux kernel written by Linus Torvalds, Linux is free to use, modify, enhance and redistribute under the GNU General Public License.   CentOS CentOS, which stands…

5 Cool Ways to Use Joomla & the Extensions That Make It Possible

Apr, 16, 2010 | Webmaster | 0 Comments

We’ve discussed Joomla quite a bit on this blog seeing how it is one of the world’s most popular content management systems out there today, but we haven’t gone into detail about what you can do with it. With the Joomla CMS, you are able to create a wide range of web projects from building online shops to creating a blog. Here are 5 of those cool ways to use Joomla, and the extensions that can help make it possible! 1) Online shops. VirtueMart Extension: You are able to turn your Joomla website into an online shop just by installing…

Different Types of Web Hosting Explained

Apr, 13, 2010 | Support, Web Hosting, Webmaster | 0 Comments

Some of our customers contact us unsure of what many of the web hosting terms mean, or even really what web hosting is. That’s quite alright, and we are happy to help anyone gain a better knowledge of what we have to offer. Let’s first talk about web hosting. If you want to construct a website or have an email address on the internet with your own domain name, then you need to have web hosting. Web hosting can be best described as storage for the files (images, texts, code, databases and emails) that make your website live so that…

Happy Belated Birthday, Dotcom!

Mar, 24, 2010 | Domain Names | 0 Comments

Did you know that the dotcom domain celebrated a milestone birthday last week? March 15, 2010 marked the 25th anniversary of the day the very first dotcom domain name was registered. It was 1985, and one company – Symbolics computers – registered the very first domain with a dotcom address ( You were probably oblivious to this achievement as it was not a popular topic at the time. In fact, only 5 other companies took advantage of registering dotcoms that very year, showing just how slow the dotcom revolution was to catch on in the beginning. Twelve years passed before…

Internet Payment Gateways for Online Businesses

Mar, 22, 2010 | Webmaster | 0 Comments

An Internet payment gateway is a means of accepting payments for products and services via the Web. When starting an ecommerce business, thinking about how to get the money, and in a timely and safe fashion, is high on the list of things to do. Customers will be more inclined to purchase over the Internet if the website owner has thought about the safest and easiest ways for payment to be processed. Let’s face it; people like easy, and they love safe–especially in today’s world of scams, fraud and identity theft. So, what do you need to know about Internet…

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