Want a 50% speed boost for your website? It’s time to make the switch to PHP 7+!

Mar, 14, 2017 | Business Websites, Support | 3 Comments

The time has come for a moment of reflection, perhaps on life in general, bad dieting choices, what possesses any of the contestants to sign up for being on The Bachelor… but while you’re at it, we think it’s a great time to spare a moment for your PHP version. PHP is a programming language upon which the majority of popular website platforms are built, including the juggernaut of them all, WordPress (which as of April last year was reported to power 26.4% of the web). As such a widely-used programming language, PHP is evolving every day – getting more…

Sydney Dogs & Cats Home Office Visit

Mar, 09, 2017 | Community | 0 Comments

Digital Pacific have sponsored the web hosting for Sydney Dogs & Cats Home for over 6 years now, so we thought we’d reach out to them and see if they’d like to hang out! They happily took up our invitation to drop in to our Circular Quay office and we decided to film the occasion – from their point of view – because if Go-Pro’s weren’t invented to be strapped on to dog’s backs we don’t know what other point there’d be. SD&CH is Sydney’s only charity pound that never places time limits on any adoptable animal. Each year they…

Round the Office Roundup

Mar, 07, 2017 | Roundups | 0 Comments

Welcome to another Round the Office Roundup! It’s been another busy week full of… things… things that we can’t quite yet reveal – but will very soon, we promise! Aside from that however, on Friday, we had a social event at Essen Restaurant & Beer Cafe in Broadway. Plenty of delicious German fare was had by all, which was rather fitting as the theme of the evening was fare-welling our Level 4 Network Engineer, Shane, who leaves us now to settle in the great Deutschland. Lucky for us, Shane will remain part of the team from all the way across…

Round the Office Roundup

Mar, 01, 2017 | Roundups | 0 Comments

Yep, it’s time for another roundup! We’ve had a super busy week here at Digital Pacific with all kinds of things happening behind the scenes – some very big things! But more on that in the coming weeks. We started off by publishing the results of our 2016 Customer Service Survey. Thank you once again to absolutely everyone who participated – your input directly helps our products and services to continue improving and evolving so that we can best serve your hosting needs. On Monday, Lindsay arrived! Lindsay will be spending the next few weeks training up on our hosting…

Customer Service Survey Results 2016

Feb, 23, 2017 | Company News | 0 Comments

Last year, we asked for your feedback on all things Digital Pacific. We wanted to find out what you liked, what you loved, and what we could do better. We had a phenomenal response from our customers, whose feedback will now directly affect future products and services, as well as assist us to improve our existing offerings. We thought we’d publish some of the bits and pieces you mind find interesting into the info-graphic below!  

Round the Office Roundup

Feb, 21, 2017 | Roundups | 0 Comments

Want to know what’s been happening at Digital Pacific HQ lately? Then read on below! First of all, we could all be dead. Gonners. Completely barbecued. But luckily, the lightning struck over the exact opposite side of the quay from our office last week! If you didn’t see it in the news already, the Sydney Harbour Bridge was struck by lightning on Friday, making for a tremendous amount of noise that spiced up our Friday afternoon. Digital Pacific Office Storm Watch #webhosting #hosting #cloud #digitalpacific #technology #tech #web #webdesign #sydney #circularquay #australia #storm #lightning A post shared by Digital Pacific…

Round The Office Roundup

Feb, 15, 2017 | Roundups | 0 Comments

Welcome to another Digital Pacific office roundup! Yesterday was Valentine’s Day and love was definitely in the air around here. Immense love. Mostly for doughnuts. What better way to spend the day than indulging in the gentle caress of a million calories? Certainly nobody around here had any complaints. Prior to the arrival of doughnuts, we took a few pictures of the team and their beloveds, proving that you don’t necessarily need a human being who puts up with you to enjoy Valentine’s Day. Inanimate objects/tropical fish deserve love too. We’ve recently had so many new faces join the ranks…

Round The Office Roundup

Nov, 04, 2016 | Roundups | 4 Comments

It’s time again for another Round the Office Roundup! This series will give you a sneak peek into the world of what’s going on at Digital Pacific. Before we begin – just a reminder to Instagram users to make sure to follow us @digitalpacificwebhosting! So, what’s been happening? We were very excited recently to be able to announce the winner of the Apple iPhone 7. The lucky Customer Service Survey entry was submitted by Daniela of Tonika Health in Sydney. We later learned that her win comes just in time for her birthday too! In the coming weeks we’ll be…

Say Hello to Paper Lantern!

Oct, 25, 2016 | Tips for Hosting, Web Hosting | 5 Comments

Over the coming weeks, the next major cPanel update version 60 will be pushed out to our Shared hosting fleet. This iteration of cPanel brings with it the deprecation of the X3 theme we’re all so used to seeing, instead replacing it with the newer, flatter Paper Lantern theme. Paper Lantern brings with it a bunch of improvements, including a more modern, flatter look, a more consistent user experience that will take users less time to feel familiar with and lastly, it has been built on the Twitter Bootstrap UI kit, making it easier for web developers to create their…

Round the Office Roundup

Oct, 18, 2016 | Roundups | 6 Comments

It’s time again for another Round the Office Roundup! This series will give you a sneak peek into the world of what’s going on at Digital Pacific. Before we begin – just a reminder to Instagram users to make sure to follow us @ digitalpacificwebhosting! So, what’s been happening? First up, our new Sydney Data Centre was recently marked as officially complete after receiving the very last finishing touches. The project began construction roughly around June 2015 and the completion of this milestone makes Digital Pacific the only hosting company in Australia to fully own and operate a data centre…

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