Three Security Features All Websites Should Have

Digital Pacific regards security of your website one of our top priorities regardless of which service we provide to you (from shared hosting to dedicated servers), and we maintain a vigilant stance against intruders by keeping our security systems up to date, that being said, there are things that you can do to further minimize the security risk to your website. Many people take it for granted, but website security is often the first thing to consider while developing a new website. We offer this service, but if you have built your own, this means consulting a web development expert…

What To Expect From WordPress 4.9 And Beyond

Jul, 13, 2017 | Web Hosting | 1 Comment

How exciting, 4.9 almost here and 5.0 on the way. The OCD-like satisfaction from ticking over from 4.9 to 5.0 is enough to give us a high. So, what’s good? The new releases will be reportedly focusing on three areas: editor, customiser, and REST API. But before you do anything, make sure you take a backup. As our resident marketing coordinator, Steph, states, “any update is approached with caution by website developers, as installing them has the ability to induce immediate panic attacks, surprise all-nighters and crying under your desk when things go wrong as a result. Most of the…

Strengthen Your WordPress Website With These Handy Plugins

Sep, 23, 2014 | Tips for Blogs, Webmaster | 0 Comments
handy wordpress plugins

There’s no doubt about it, WordPress is one of the most popular open source blogging and content management applications available due to it’s diverse range of features, functions and, perhaps most importantly, the ability to use it for just about anything. WordPress is flexible and dynamic in that it allows the use of plugins to further extend the core functions, or add new ones, which is what gives you the ability to use it for anything from a simple blog, a complete online store or even a functional community discussion platform. Being backed by such a large community of developers…

How to Supercharge WordPress Blogs for SEO

Sep, 03, 2013 | SEO Explained, Tips for Blogs | 1 Comment
Wordpress SEO

Optimising WordPress blogs for SEO searches will attract more viewers, build website authority, make it easier to find quality links and help to monetise blogs and websites through subscription newsletters, PPC advertising, attracting more viewers and creating better user experiences, which result in higher sales conversion rates. WordPress plug-ins and technical site-management and user-analytics tools can help blog owners optimise their sites, generate active and passive income and attract reputable links and build trust, loyalty and domain authority. Taking the First Critical Steps for Creating Stronger SEO Performance If blog owners only take away one concept from this blog post,…

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CMS Comparison: Drupal, Joomla or WordPress?

Jul, 25, 2013 | Business Websites, Tips for Blogs, Webmaster | 0 Comments
CMS Comparison

Businesses that are beginning a new website or looking to enliven their current sites may be wondering which content management system (CMS) is right for their companies. Three of the most widely used systems on the Internet, and included in our CMS comparison, are Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress. All three of these open-source software systems are free to download, and the constantly updated and improved functions and options make them easy-to-use and customizable for individual businesses. Each CMS has a helpful community of users that will provide technical support, and each is a sustainable platform for the foreseeable future. However,…

Choosing a Web Host

Apr, 15, 2013 | Tips for Blogs, Tips for Hosting, Web Hosting | 0 Comments

It is not necessarily hard to find a good web hosting company, but it does require some patience and research. The hosting company you end up choosing can make or break your online business ventures, so it is essential not to end up with a bad package, regardless of how cheap it might seem. There are several very important things which make a good Web hosting package for a business. Customer Service Things can and do go wrong and, no matter how good the service may be, good customer service options are essential, particularly when it comes to business websites….

How to Set Up a WordPress Blog

Apr, 02, 2013 | Tips for Blogs | 0 Comments

WordPress is one of the world’s most popular content management systems (CMS) and the most popular blogging software of all time. It is the CMS of choice for the vast majority of blogs and it is used on over seventeen percent of the top million websites. If you have decided to start a blog, whether as a hobby or with the hopes of making an extra stream of income, WordPress will likely be your CMS of choice. The completely free and open-source software is both versatile and user-friendly but, if you are completely new to the world of blogging, then…

Web Design Mistakes

Mar, 11, 2013 | Attracting Clients, Web Design, Webmaster | 2 Comments

Although web design is easier than ever before thanks to the wide choice of popular content management systems which allow you to design a website with little or no knowledge of coding, it is still hard to design a good website. While quality content should be your number one priority, the actual design of your website is a close second. A good design and one which suits the niche of your site is one which will catch the attention of your readers, but many newbies fail to make this a reality due to becoming victim to some of the common…

Blogging Mistakes To Avoid

Feb, 22, 2013 | Marketing and PR, Tips for Blogs | 0 Comments

Blogging has rapidly grown in popularity in recent years. This has come along with various social media tools now readily available to the tech savvy and the beginner alike. Along with this new technology comes the need for an understanding of how to use blogging and social media in ways that promote goods and services in a profitable way. Here are 5 things that bloggers can do wrong in order to drive away customers. In other words, do not do these things! Spamming Content: Everyone who blogs has a message that they want to broadcast to the world. The problem…

Tips For Starting A WordPress Blog

Jan, 22, 2013 | Business Websites, Tips for Blogs | 2 Comments

Starting a WordPress blog is one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to promote your business. A WordPress blog carries with it the dual benefits of access to an internal social network of bloggers and a listing of your blog posts on Google’s search engine. It’s not enough to simply establish your blog and write a few posts every now and then. To run a successful business oriented blog on WordPress, you’ll need to keep a few important principles in mind. Give your blog a clear focus Generally speaking, there are two kinds of blogs: the personal and…

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