Website Design Tips

Nov, 26, 2012 | Business Websites, Random, Web Design | 0 Comments

Your website is the main focus point of the online presence of your business. You should take every step necessary to ensure that it is designed optimally, providing your visitors with the content that they want. This means using appropriate design styles and avoiding the many pitfalls that plague a lot of websites out there. Don’t forget that Web users generally have a short attention span and if they are turned off by some glaring design issues with your site, they likely will leave within seconds. In order to have any chance of success in the extremely competitive world of…

7 Ways to Create a Fantastic Looking Homepage

Oct, 18, 2011 | Web Design | 3 Comments

What do you need to do in order to create a fantastic looking homepage?  Read on for our seven tips to do just that! Designing your own website can be a lot of fun. You get to choose the content, the domain name and the layout. However, creating a website takes a lot of hard work, to the point where most people get frustrated and give up. This can have negative consequences on the look of your website and especially your homepage. Maybe the vision was good but the execution was not up to the task, so what is one…

10 things you should do just before your website goes live

Jun, 15, 2010 | Web Design, Webmaster | 1 Comment

There’s nothing quite like launching a new website. It could be days, weeks or months in the making. Hours may have been spent combing through each and every word, perfecting the message sent across to visitors. Even more time might have been spent playing around with colours and image placement. You may think you’re ready to go live, but are you really? Any webmaster knows there are a lot of little details that need to be looked at when putting a website up, including everything from checking the links to onpage SEO. With so much on your plate, it is…

10 Sure-Fire Ways to Drive Website Visitors Away

Nov, 26, 2009 | Webmaster | 2 Comments

If you have any desire to make a website visitor actually stick around and view what you have to offer, then you might want to consider the overall experience on their end. Years ago web surfers might have suffered through annoyingly long page load times and dealt with poor navigation systems because there just were not as many options out there. Today, on the other hand, the internet is overflowing with resources and beautifully constructed websites, so why would anyone let themselves suffer while sifting through a frustrating website? They simply wouldn’t. To steer clear of being tossed into the…

Choosing Website Colours

Sep, 08, 2009 | Webmaster | 2 Comments

Beyond Words: What are your web colours saying to visitors? You may have all the right words in all the right places, but those may not be the only things delivering a message on your website. Besides overall design, the first aspect that web visitors encounter and associate with your business is actually the colour palette. So, if you’ve never thought about what your colour choices are saying for you, take a look at this blog post and have a listen. Choosing the proper colours for a business and website is an important part of the branding and marketing process….

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