SSL Certificates

Jan, 13, 2013 | Business Websites, Online Security | 0 Comments

Web merchants that are new to the game often have limited business funds with which to build their website, and some basic components of a professional website may be cut to adhere to a tight budget. Merchants who are thinking of omitting an SSL certificate to save money should evaluate the benefits of an SSL certificate before making a final decision. What is an SSL Certificate? A Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate is a method of providing a secure connection between a website that is being visited by a computer user and the user’s browser. SSL certificates use encryption to…

Magento Hosting Explained

Australian Statistics reveal that Six-and-a-half million Australians have Internet access at home or work, and they spend more than $11 billion dollars a year in online purchases. So, if you own a shop selling anything from jeans to jams you need to be able to tap into this lucrative marketing opportunity and open an online store with an e-commerce platform. Magento is one of the fastest growing e-commerce platforms around and the Magento Community Edition is free! Its flexibility and wealth of features are some of the reasons this software has been downloaded by over 1 million users. Magento has…

Online Business vs Offline Business

May, 17, 2010 | Website Marketing | 2 Comments

At the end of 2009, the number of Internet subscribers in Australia reached 9.1 million, getting close to nearly half of the entire population. That fact provided by the Australia Bureau of Statistics only accounts for subscribers, and not for the number of Internet users in total, which was also said in 2009 to reach the 17 million mark. With statistics like these, there is really no reason why you should not be getting your business online today. The position of the Internet in today’s lifestyle makes it virtually impossible to not see benefits by initiating the change, and doing…

Internet Payment Gateways for Online Businesses

Mar, 22, 2010 | Webmaster | 0 Comments

An Internet payment gateway is a means of accepting payments for products and services via the Web. When starting an ecommerce business, thinking about how to get the money, and in a timely and safe fashion, is high on the list of things to do. Customers will be more inclined to purchase over the Internet if the website owner has thought about the safest and easiest ways for payment to be processed. Let’s face it; people like easy, and they love safe–especially in today’s world of scams, fraud and identity theft. So, what do you need to know about Internet…

Getting your business online with ecommerce

Jan, 04, 2010 | Support, Web Hosting, Webmaster | 0 Comments

When it comes to selling goods and services, you need to make sure you are tapping all possible markets in order to fully realise the success of your business. Today, the online market is practically taking over, meaning that if your business is not taking advantage of the possibilities of being online, then you just might be overlooking loads of potential customers. Don’t miss out! Get your business online with ecommerce and immediately gain access to a constantly growing market. Ecommerce can be defined simply as the buying and selling of goods or services in a web-based environment. Through the…

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