How To Use Google Web Fonts On Your Website

Oct, 10, 2013 | Tips for Blogs, Web Design, Webmaster | 0 Comments
How To Use Google Fonts

Google Web Fonts are Open Source fonts that anyone can use, privately or commercially. They can be used for various media, including websites and blogs, and can be used in print as well as electronically. There are over 500 fonts available for use and this, together with their accessibility and lack of restrictions on use, makes them extremely versatile. They can be used by both individuals and professional designers to make websites and printed media more attractive and appealing to their target market, without the use of images. Fonts can also be customised to individual requirements. Google Web Fonts differ…

How to Create a Website in Nine Easy Steps

Aug, 07, 2011 | Web Design | 0 Comments

Are you having trouble creating your first website? Do the terms ‘domain names’ and ‘dedicated servers’ leave you scratching your head? If you answered yes to the preceding questions, then you need some guidance on creating websites. Here are our nine easy steps to create a website: 1. Find a Topic Before you start building your website, you need to know what your website will be about. If your website is to promote your small delivery business, then that’s what you need to focus on. If it is a personal website about your love of Siamese cats, then you’ll have…

The Great Debate: CSS vs Tables

Sep, 23, 2009 | Support, Webmaster | 9 Comments

A big debate hit the design world some years back, and it still appears to be quite popular today when doing a quick search on the subject. While most designers have put their face forward into the world of CSS for their designs, there are still a number of designers and individuals reliant on the HTML table format for website layouts. In choosing sides, we have prepared a post with some reasons why the CSS design technique is typically preferred these days over the traditional table based one. CSS Benefits Over Tables CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheet and is…

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