Shared & Reseller Plans FREE Upgrade Recap — More Space, More Bandwidth

Mar, 15, 2011 | Company News | 0 Comments

Good news for Digital Pacific customers. Going forward, we are offering more space and bandwidth at no extra cost to you! This means that existing customers get an automatic FREE upgrade on their current plans while new customers enjoy a better deal. In short, you get more for the same, low 2010 prices. All Personal Web Hosting, Business Web Hosting and Reseller Hosting plans will feature various upgrades. See below for a breakdown on what’s changed. Make it personal. If you like to dabble online, we’re sure there is a personal web hosting plan to suit your needs. At least…

Web Hosting: Difference between Storage Space and Bandwidth

Oct, 08, 2009 | Web Hosting | 2 Comments
Web Hosting: Difference between Storage Space and Bandwidth

Storage Space vs. Bandwidth. Why are those numbers in my hosting plan different? Whether you are looking for a new web hosting plan or already have one, you might still be asking yourself this exact same question. It is not uncommon for our customers to feel a little overwhelmed when trying to make a decision on which plan suits them best. For individuals not well versed in web design or hosting, they just aren’t sure what to expect and, therefore, cannot make an educated decision. Fortunately, we like our customers to be informed, which is why we’re breaking down the…

The Great Debate: CSS vs Tables

Sep, 23, 2009 | Support, Webmaster | 9 Comments

A big debate hit the design world some years back, and it still appears to be quite popular today when doing a quick search on the subject. While most designers have put their face forward into the world of CSS for their designs, there are still a number of designers and individuals reliant on the HTML table format for website layouts. In choosing sides, we have prepared a post with some reasons why the CSS design technique is typically preferred these days over the traditional table based one. CSS Benefits Over Tables CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheet and is…

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