Some Cool Twitter Tools You Might Not Know About

Oct, 16, 2009 | Twitter | 0 Comments

Twitter’s simple and open platform has resulted in the creation of numerous Twitter applications and tools by those wanting to harness the benefits of this social networking system. The Twitter tools just keep coming, and with so many out there now, it’s hard to choose which ones to actually use. To help with your research, here are some cool Twitter tools you might not know about. Hootsuite – Hootsuite is very cool, and if you manage multiple Twitter accounts, or have multiple users accessing one account, this program is perfect. The website displays all the various streams on the same…

Getting in Touch with the Target Market

Oct, 15, 2009 | Website Marketing | 0 Comments

The internet, to me, is sort of like a huge shopping centre where the web surfers are the shoppers and websites are the shops. Only, in this shopping centre, the shoppers aren’t automatically provided with a directory and map of all the shops, and the shop owners aren’t able to see the faces of the customers that actually enter. What we have here on the internet is a bunch of lost shoppers bouncing around until they randomly find themselves at a checkout counter. We also have a bunch of shop owners with no real idea of who composes their main…

Web Hosting: Difference between Storage Space and Bandwidth

Oct, 08, 2009 | Web Hosting | 2 Comments
Web Hosting: Difference between Storage Space and Bandwidth

Storage Space vs. Bandwidth. Why are those numbers in my hosting plan different? Whether you are looking for a new web hosting plan or already have one, you might still be asking yourself this exact same question. It is not uncommon for our customers to feel a little overwhelmed when trying to make a decision on which plan suits them best. For individuals not well versed in web design or hosting, they just aren’t sure what to expect and, therefore, cannot make an educated decision. Fortunately, we like our customers to be informed, which is why we’re breaking down the…

Browser Compatibility: Checking Your Website

Oct, 01, 2009 | Webmaster | 1 Comment

Avant 11.7 Chrome Dillo Epiphany Firefox Flock Galeon Iceape Iceweasel Internet Explorer K-Meleon Kazehakase Konqueror Minefield Navigator Opera Safari SeaMonkey Shiretoko These are just a few of the web browsers available to web users around the world, but chances are you are using one of two popular options – Internet Explorer or Firefox – and sticking to that specific software. There’s definitely nothing wrong with this practice… until you start to build a website. While things might seem fine and dandy when you’re viewing it personally, web visitors might be surfing right in on another browser and seeing something a…

Only 3 months ’til Christmas?! Is your website ready?

Sep, 25, 2009 | Random, Webmaster | 0 Comments

That’s right! You are probably checking your calendars as you’re reading this and thinking, “Oh wow, it is only 3 months until Christmas!” The year is definitely sneaking by and like most people, you are probably shocked to see the holiday season quickly approaching. It’s time to start shopping and planning and, in the mix of it all, making sure your website is also ready for the occasion. In case you haven’t quite thought that far into the future or just need a little help, here are some pointers to check over when getting your website ready for Christmas. Dress…

Preventing Image Theft with Watermarks

Sep, 24, 2009 | Webmaster | 0 Comments

Did you know that anytime you put an image up on your website, you are opening yourself up to the risk of image theft? It’s true! It seems that nothing is safe in this world anymore, not even the images you use to showcase your products and services online. Just think about the time, and money, that went in to getting those little guys web friendly in the first place, and now someone else might be using your hard work to their benefit. Fortunately, there are ways you can protect your website from image theft. Even though you can use…

The Great Debate: CSS vs Tables

Sep, 23, 2009 | Support, Webmaster | 9 Comments

A big debate hit the design world some years back, and it still appears to be quite popular today when doing a quick search on the subject. While most designers have put their face forward into the world of CSS for their designs, there are still a number of designers and individuals reliant on the HTML table format for website layouts. In choosing sides, we have prepared a post with some reasons why the CSS design technique is typically preferred these days over the traditional table based one. CSS Benefits Over Tables CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheet and is…

What’s the best free FTP program?

Sep, 16, 2009 | Webmaster | 9 Comments

If you are new to the world of creating your own site and find yourself asking, “How do I upload my website?” then the FTP program is your answer. An FTP program assists you in transferring files from your local computer to the server containing your website files. If you have files, images, videos or documents that you would like to put on a website, then you will need an FTP program to put them there. Plenty of FTP programs are available on the internet, some costing quite a bit. We, however, don’t feel that you should have to pay…

What is the Difference Between Hits, Visits, Unique Visitors & Page Impressions

Sep, 11, 2009 | Webmaster | 4 Comments
What is the Difference Between Hits, Visits, Unique Visitors & Page Impressions

Old school hit counters on websites just don’t mean a thing when it comes to understanding how many people are actually visiting. Surprised? Well, you should be! Website statistics say a lot about your web activity, popularity and success, but if you can’t read the numbers properly, you might find yourself greatly misinformed. Hits Often, people think that the term “hits” refers to the number of individuals that are visiting a website. This is NOT true. “Hits” actually refers to the number of files that a website has to request. And, a file can be anything from an image to…

10 things you may not know, but might get asked at trivia.

Sep, 09, 2009 | Webmaster | 1 Comment

Chances are that you, or one of your co-workers, are heading to a trivia night this week at a local pub, but are you really prepared? Of course, there is just no way to be prepared for this test of the most random facts and figures around. Nevertheless, after being at a trivia night myself where one of the questions was asking for the meaning of “http”, I thought that Digital Pacific could at least help with a few of the Internet related questions through a quick blog post. So, have a look at these 10 things that you may…

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