Setting up Email on your iPhone

Jan, 13, 2010 | Email, Support | 0 Comments

Setting up email on your iPhone is a hot topic. Due to a huge amount of our customers requesting information on how to do this, we have decided to create a detailed tutorial to allow for quick and easy setup. Before proceeding, you will need to set up your email account in your control panel first and keep the details handy for the iPhone setup. This post addresses the following: – Setting up email on the iPhone – IMAP email on the iPhone – Disabling SSL on the iPhone – Fetching email on the iPhone Important iPhone Information – please…

Getting your business online with ecommerce

Jan, 04, 2010 | Support, Web Hosting, Webmaster | 0 Comments

When it comes to selling goods and services, you need to make sure you are tapping all possible markets in order to fully realise the success of your business. Today, the online market is practically taking over, meaning that if your business is not taking advantage of the possibilities of being online, then you just might be overlooking loads of potential customers. Don’t miss out! Get your business online with ecommerce and immediately gain access to a constantly growing market. Ecommerce can be defined simply as the buying and selling of goods or services in a web-based environment. Through the…

Google Personalised Search For Everyone

Dec, 16, 2009 | Support, Webmaster | 0 Comments

A big change happened to web search two weeks ago, but you may not have even heard about it. Google unleashed its Personalised Search onto the world, and it is more than likely affecting your search results at this very moment. Take a quick look at this video to see what personalised search is all about. What this means is simply that standard search results are a thing of the past. Personalised search is now automatically turned on for all Google browsers, even if the user is not logged into a Google account. In order to make this possible, Google…

Win an iPhone – Digital Pacific Retweet Competition

Dec, 14, 2009 | Twitter | 0 Comments

And the winner of a brand new iPhone is Twitter user @jetprint!Congratulations! We hope you enjoy the wonderful prize heading your way. A huge thank you again to all who entered. Digital Pacific is a specialist in small-to-medium organisation requirements and offers a range of Australian hosting services including reliable and green hosting (plans from $4.90), domain names ( for $34.90), virtual private servers and dedicated servers to businesses and entities Australia wide. Retweet for a Chance to Win an iPhone Digital Pacific is giving you the chance to win a 16GB iPhone 3GS just by clicking the black retweet…

Domain Renewal Scam – Warning

Dec, 09, 2009 | Domain Names | 7 Comments

Knowing how important the domain name is to individuals and businesses online, some sneaky scam artists are tricking people into renewing the domain name early, and transferring domain registrars in the process. There is one company in particular that we have received various letters on ourselves that we would like to point out to unsuspecting domain owners. We have also decided to label it as a scam even though it is technically a legit, yet shady, business practice. Since domain owner information and domain expiration dates are listed in the public WHOIS directory, this company is taking advantage of this…

10 Sure-Fire Ways to Drive Website Visitors Away

Nov, 26, 2009 | Webmaster | 2 Comments

If you have any desire to make a website visitor actually stick around and view what you have to offer, then you might want to consider the overall experience on their end. Years ago web surfers might have suffered through annoyingly long page load times and dealt with poor navigation systems because there just were not as many options out there. Today, on the other hand, the internet is overflowing with resources and beautifully constructed websites, so why would anyone let themselves suffer while sifting through a frustrating website? They simply wouldn’t. To steer clear of being tossed into the…

5 Professional Image Editing Programs

Nov, 23, 2009 | Webmaster | 5 Comments

For those who have decided to be brave and attempt to code their own website, here are some additional tools (yes, there are plenty of tools to go around) to help you put the design into that site. These design tools will assist in creating more dynamic and creative layouts and themes by providing the ability to customise photos, graphics and icons to specific needs. Design tools should definitely be used in conjunction with coding tools in order to maximise the entire website building experience. Adobe Photoshop is a professional quality, high-end photo and graphics editing tool. Used by web…

iPhone Applications for Content Management on the Go – WordPress, Drupal & Joomla!

Nov, 12, 2009 | Webmaster | 1 Comment

With the popularity of iPhones, and other mobile browsing devices, more people are starting to do everything from paying bills to buying Christmas presents right from their hand-held phones. The convenience that mobile internet brings is undeniable, and iPhones, with their various applications, are making it even more user-friendly. There are now even WordPress, Joomla! and Drupal apps that make thoroughly managing your CMS website directly from your iPhone a possibility. WordPress for iPhone – WordPress for iPhone is a new application that gives the iPhone user the easy and customised way to manage a WordPress website while on the…

Awesome Tools for Coding Websites

Nov, 05, 2009 | Webmaster | 1 Comment

In a recent blog post, “How to Build a Website,” we explain that one of the methods for creating a website on your own is to learn how to code. This method can be a time consuming process for the beginner, but it can provide the best results because of the customisability. Since we only briefly talked about this method in the previous post, we would like to step out now and introduce some of the awesome tools that can actually be used to put your personally coded website into action. Dreamweaver – Dreamweaver is a dynamic web designing and…

Movember – Growing a “mo” in support of men’s health.

Oct, 30, 2009 | Company News | 2 Comments

This post is for Movember 2009 To join us for 2010 and win an iPad click here November has become known as Movember for many – an entire month dedicated to the growing of moustaches (mos) in order to highlight and raise funds for men’s health. The target issues at hand will be those of prostate cancer and men’s depression, two causes we are happy to support. Digital Pacific has put together a team consisting of Mo Bros and Mo Sistas, all focused on growing (or supporting in the case of the Mo Sistas) a fantastic mo to raise donations….

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