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What Is Cloud Hosting

Granted that you have not spent the last few years hiding in a cave sans computer and Internet connection, you should be familiar with cloud hosting or must have at least heard of it. However, regardless of whether or not you know what it is, chances are that you’ve already been exposed to this kind of hosting service. Google, after all, is among the biggest and earliest proponents of “the cloud.” So if you’ve ever performed a Google search or used Gmail, then yes you do have experience with a cloud-hosted site. But what exactly is cloud hosting? Simply put,…

How To Set Up Email On iPhone

Feb, 15, 2012 | Email, Random, Tips for Hosting | 0 Comments

To setup your iPhone to access your email account, do the following: 1. Select the Settings button 2. Select Mail, Contacts, Calenders 3. Select Add Account

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SEO Tips

With some sensible planning and diligent work you can lift your site high in the search engines’ rankings. But make a few crucial mistakes, and your site may never leave the bottom. There are a few common mistakes that people make when optimizing their websites with on page SEO. So here are four examples of what NOT to do: 1. No Alt Tags Perhaps the most common mistake people make with on page SEO is leaving alt tags out of images. The alt tag is the text that shows up when a cursor hovers over an image. It’s also displayed…

Setting Up Mac Mail

Jan, 31, 2012 | Random, Support, Tips for Hosting | 2 Comments

To setup your copy of Mac Mail, do the following: 1. Start your copy of Mac Mail from the dock. 2. The Welcome to Mail screen will appear. Enter your name, department or business name in the Full name field. This is what people will see when they receive email from you. Enter the full email address and password in the corresponding fields below. Click on the Continue button 3. The Incoming Mail Server screen will appear. For Account Type select IMAP. For description enter a short summary of either the name or purpose of the mailbox. For Incoming Mail…

VPS Hosting

Jan, 25, 2012 | Business Websites, Tips for Hosting, Web Hosting | 0 Comments

VPS stands for virtual private server. A VPS hosting option is one step up from shared hosting. With VPS, a physical server is subdivided into smaller virtual servers – each with its own set of isolated hardware and software features. A virtual server is private and dedicated, but it does share actual physical server space with other VPS accounts. The Advantage of VPS over Shared Hosting A VPS account will allow a user root access via remote Desktop Access on a Windows hosting service, or through SSH on a Linux server. Having root access means VPS users can install their…

Setting Up Email on Thunderbird

Jan, 17, 2012 | Business Websites, Email, Random, Support, Tips for Hosting | 1 Comment

To setup an email address on your copy of Thunderbird (v7 or higher), do the following: 1. Go to the Tools menu and select Account Settings. 2. In the Account Settings dialogue box click on Account Actions. Select Add Mail Account.

How to Manage SPAM in cPanel

To setup your control panel to manage SPAM email, do the following: 1.  Log into your control panel at: Replace with the domain name of your hosting account. If you are unsure of your cPanel login details please refer the the email “Hosting Account Information – Please Keep Safe – Please do not reply”. This email was originally sent out to your default billing email address when you first purchased your web hosting. 2.  Go to the Mail section and select MailScanner Configuration

How To Get Your Business Online

While making money on the Internet is certainly not as easy as it used to be, there are still plenty of opportunities out there. With a realistic approach and plenty of patience, many people are perfectly capable of making an income online. While there are freelancing opportunities to accommodate a wide variety of skills such as writing, web design and much more, starting your own business from scratch is somewhat more challenging. One of the greatest attractions to starting an online business is that the costs are minimal. Keeping your goals realistic is also essential. It’s wise to completely ignore…

Digital Pacific Milestones for 2011

Dec, 22, 2011 | Company News | 1 Comment

We thought we would keep everyone posted on the events that have happened at Digital Pacific over the past 12 months and give you a sneak peak of what is planned for the next 12 months. Data Centre Relocation Around June 2010 we started to plan the move of our infrastructure to a brand new Data Centre. We felt that we needed to make this move as we were growing at a rapid rate and we needed make sure that we could sustain our growth well in to the future. The move itself was successful and whilst it took over…

Advantages Of Cloud Hosting

With cloud hosting you can perform computing tasks via the Internet. The term “cloud” refers to a network of servers on the net. These servers contain software that you, as a cloud hosting client, can use. This means you no longer have to store bulky software packages on your own server, and because of high speed internet connections, applications runs faster than ever before. However, this is just the start of the advantages that cloud hosting offers. Here is an overview of the main benefits of cloud hosting. Efficiency Employees can work independently when on location. All information necessary to…

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