Digital Pacific: A Glimpse Into Our Support Team

Sep, 21, 2017 | Community, Staff Profiles, Support | 0 Comments

Here at Digital Pacific, there is nothing we’re more proud of than the amazing technical team behind our services and the world-class support they provide to our customers. Check out below why our team are the best of the best and the type of service our customers can expect. 100% Australian Tech Support Our entire tech support team are based right here in sunny Sydney with our office located right next to Hyde Park in the CBD. Our staff travel from all over to come to the office each day, some from just around the corner in Pyrmont, while others…

Digital Pacific: The Web Hosting Company That’s Taking Over Australia

Sep, 16, 2017 | Web Hosting | 5 Comments

Great service and the best technology. That’s the vision we had when we started over 17 years ago, and now Digital Pacific has become one of the biggest web hosting companies in Australia. Digital Pacific is now a fully carbon-neutral Australian hosting provider with a strong focus on quality and innovative hosting solutions. Backed by outstanding customer support, we believe our success over the past decade is a reflection of our dedication to building trust with our customers and reliable hosting solutions that meet today’s demands. Our range of scalable services including shared hosting, virtual private servers, dedicated servers and…

Top 5 Reasons To Choose Digital Pacific

Sep, 14, 2017 | Web Hosting | 0 Comments

We’re 100% Australian-operated Here at Digital Pacific, we’re Australian. We’re not only a 100% Aussie-grown and operated company, but also a barbecue-loving, pavlova-indulging bunch of local people. We get you. All of our operations are Australian-based, especially our 24/7 customer support team, meaning you’ll never get connected with an overseas representative–yes, we’re all here on this awesome, girt-by-sea country of ours! TL;DR: 100% Australian operations 24/7 email and phone support Locally-based Digital Pacific fully operates in Australia. Both our office and servers are all housed here in Sydney; specifically, CBD and Pyrmont, respectively. Being so local, we’re able to provide…

Digital Pacific: The Beginner’s Guide To Web Hosting

Hosting Breakdown

The first thing anyone new to the hosting sphere will notice is that there are a lot of options. From shared hosting, cPanel hosting, reseller hosting, WHM hosting, VPS hosting and Dedicated Server hosting – each company has its own way of naming all the options – but what do they all actually mean and which one really suits you best? We decided to break down each level of hosting to point you in the right direction for what your business may need. Shared hosting is one of the most commonly offered hosting types on the market. It generally represents…

Round the Office Roundup

Aug, 31, 2017 | Roundups | 0 Comments

Come one and all, welcome to our latest Round the Office Roundup! We’re only one sleep away from Spring, and it’s hard to believe we’re already ticking August off the list. We’ve had a busy time around Digital Pacific HQ lately, having now fully settled into our new home in the Sydney CBD. Recent Growth & New Faces We’re excited to have just welcomed 5 new tech support stars to the team! We’re always on the hunt for shiny new faces, so if you’ve ever considered a career in the web hosting/tech industry, it’s definitely worth heading over to our…

Lava Lamps Encrypt Your Data?!

Aug, 24, 2017 | Cloud Hosting, Online Security | 1 Comment
lava lamps data encryption

Lava lamps, believe it or not, have various uses: they look cool, work great in low light, can keep me occupied for several hours, and can act as a random number generator for data encryption. Ahyup. What the hell are you talking about? In the San Francisco office lobby of renowned cloud network and online security company, CloudFlare, is a wall; but not just any wall–this wall holds 100 lava lamps that have a (not so) secret mission. It may seem like a weird 60s design fetish, but the lava lamp wall is actually used as one of CloudFlare’s many…

The Difference Between NS and DNS Records

NS and DNS records

A common question pops up here at Digital Pacific and that is; “What is the difference between NS and DNS records?” For many people, they (quite understandably) weren’t aware that they were two different things at all. NS, or Name Server records, are the top-most records attached to your domain. When a person types in your domain to either visit your website or send you an email, the first thing your computer does is look up what your domain’s NS records are. NS records are public and are stored/replicated across many locations all over the world.Once your computer knows the NS…

We’ve Been Doing Passwords Wrong

Aug, 07, 2017 | Online Security | 6 Comments

Today, we might just change your life. Why not. Ever found yourself staring blankly at a login screen, wondering what on earth you set the password to when you last signed in 6 months ago? Or perhaps, you’ve committed the ultimate sin of writing your passwords down in a text document on your computer, or on little shreds of paper scattered across your desk, inching ever slower towards their ultimate fate of falling off the edge and being consumed by your vacuum? At some point, most of us have been there, but in 2017, there is absolutely no need to…

A Premature Funeral for Adobe Flash

Aug, 03, 2017 | Random | 0 Comments

The day will come that we have to say goodbye to the things that we once loved. Even though that day is about three years from now for Adobe Flash, we still miss you already, and sort of don’t miss you. As a kid, I remember playing tons and tons of flash games on the Internet for countless hours, always in awe of the multitude of creative variety that the games had to offer me. It was only today that I even realised that Adobe Flash was used to develop media other than flash games! So, in my mind, Adobe…

What To Expect From WordPress 4.9 And Beyond

Jul, 13, 2017 | Web Hosting | 1 Comment

How exciting, 4.9 almost here and 5.0 on the way. The OCD-like satisfaction from ticking over from 4.9 to 5.0 is enough to give us a high. So, what’s good? The new releases will be reportedly focusing on three areas: editor, customiser, and REST API. But before you do anything, make sure you take a backup. As our resident marketing coordinator, Steph, states, “any update is approached with caution by website developers, as installing them has the ability to induce immediate panic attacks, surprise all-nighters and crying under your desk when things go wrong as a result. Most of the…

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