Why can’t I send email?

Jul, 02, 2009 | Support | 4 responses

A very common support question for our team here at Digital Pacific involves the issue of a new customer not having the ability to send outgoing emails. Often times, they are puzzled because the emails keep coming in, but none are going out. The most common reason for this issue is that some Internet service providers actually block the mail (partially in hopes of stopping the prevalence of spam mail) if the SMTP server for outgoing mail is not set as theirs.

Just to clarify, SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol and is the standard method of transferring mail messages between servers. Normally, these servers use port 25.

The issue above of being able to receive emails, but not send them, is actually a simple one to resolve with just a few quick changes to the mail client’s SMTP settings. If John Doe, for example, uses Telstra as his ISP and wants to configure his email client, he will need to make sure his outgoing mail server matches that provided by the ISP. As a visual guide, the process to make the necessary changes will look a bit like that in this image:

Outgoing SMTP Servers

So, if you are experiencing this problem, please take a look at the following list of ISPs and the SMTP Servers that should be entered into your outgoing mail settings for your email account.

Telstra / Bigpond
ADSL / Cable / ISDN / Satellite / Dialup – SMTP Server: mail.bigpond.com
ADSL / Cable (some customers) – SMTP Server: mail-hub.bigpond.net.au

SMTP Server: mail.optusnet.com.au

SMTP Server: esmtp.unwired.com.au

SMTP Server: mail.m.iinet.net.au

SMTP Server: smtp.ozemail.com.au

SMTP Server: mail.tpg.com.au

SMTP server: smtp.three.com.au

SMTP server: smtp.dodo.com.au

SMTP server: mail.aapt.net.au

Again, the settings above should be entered in for the outgoing mail server only and should resolve your issue. Of course, if there are still problems with sending email, please give us a call on 1300 MY HOST for further assistance and we can help you out.


Comment Posted By: Rosie

Thank you this has been most helpful. Even understandable/ transferable to a mac system, despite pc example.

Comment Posted By: Digital Pacific

No problems Rosie. Glad it help.


Comment Posted By: Sam

I am just wondering if authentication should ticked as required (U/P) if using the ISP’s SMTP server? Or just connecting to the server without?

Comment Posted By: Digital Pacific

Hi Sam! We would recommend you enable authentication (using a username/password) for the most secure method of sending email. 🙂

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