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Website Marketing – My Website Has Just Gone Live – Now What?

You’ve probably been quite busy up until now getting your new website set up. You’ve bought some quality web hosting; researched and registered a fantastic domain name; you’ve even gone through the process of choosing a design. At this moment, however, you’re sitting there twiddling your thumbs and asking, “Now what?”

Website Marketing

Getting a website is not the final step in getting a new business presence online. People need to know to find you, and there are a number of ways to make that happen. Just follow this handy list and, soon enough, visitors will be flocking in.

  1. Notify Personal Contacts
    The best way to get the ball rolling is to tell everyone you know! This includes friends, family and anyone else you might bump into. They always say that the best sort of advertising is word-of-mouth, so be sure to give people something to talk about! Just think about how many times you have heard about a business because a friend told you about it.
  2. Get Listed in Business Directories
    Online business directories are generally a good place to list your products and services, and it also provides a link out there to your website. This can aid in getting your website into the search engines at a faster rate. For Australian businesses, we suggest searching for websites that focus solely on Australia unless you plan to also do business overseas. It’s all about target marketing.
  3. Build Up a Link Network
    As mentioned in “Getting in Touch with the Target Market”, you need to find where your potential customers will be hanging out on the Internet. Once you do, these are great areas to start building up a link network, whether that be by leaving a comment on a forum, buying advertising space or doing a link exchange.
  4. Get the Press Involved – Getting the press involved in an excellent source of promotion for a new website. Contact your local media and see if they would be interested in a piece about the new launch, or write up some press releases for popular news websites online. Again, it is best to choose a website that deals with only Australian businesses if that is your target market.
  5. Social Network
    Social networking tools, such as Twitter and Facebook, are excellent ways to kick-start a new website. These tools are popular, and they have become that way for a reason. Accounts are free of course, so be sure to at least give them a try before passing up the possibilities they offer. New to Twitter? Check out our post on “Twitter Buzz” to help get you up to speed. Don’t forget to add @DigitalPacific to your list because we love new followers!
  6. SEO
    Make sure your websites SEO is up to scratch. Check out Google’s very own
    Search Engine Optimisation Starter Guide. Be sure to have a well written page title, meta description and make certain that you have your keywords incorporated in your homepage paragraph text.
  7. Submit your website to Google Maps

These are 7 great steps in getting the word out after a new website launch. Have any more good ideas? Share them with us by leaving a comment.


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