Merry Christmas From Digital Pacific


Another year has passed here at Digital Pacific and I thought I would share with you some of our achievements over the past 12 months. Also we have a $20 coupon code for you as a gift at the bottom!


We successfully launched our all in one control panel, that removes the need to log in to various control panels to perform functions. While we have had great feedback so far, it is still a work in progress and we are close to launching version two in the coming months which will provide even greater functionality and ease of use.

Spam Experts

Over the past 15 years since Digital Pacific started we have put a lot of effort into preventing spam and viruses from entering our network, however this has always been a losing battle with spammers finding new ways to sneak through various systems with new methods. This year we partnered up with Spam Experts, the experts at fighting spam and the results so far have been excellent. We currently block over 1.3 million inbound spam emails per month with a further 15,000 viruses stopped before they can enter our network and ultimately your computers via email. We still recommend an anti-virus program to stop viruses entering your PC’s via alternative methods.

New Office Location

We recently opened another office and warehouse location in close proximity to our Data Centres to ensure we have staff on the ground and nearby in the case of an emergency. Having this location also ensures that dedicated servers can be deployed significantly faster than previously. We also have hot desks incase of an emergency at our city office which came in to play during the tragic event in Sydney last Monday whilst it was not recommended to have staff commute into the city. Our plans were executed without a glitch and operations continued to run safely and smoothly at the alternative location.

HeartBleed and Shellshock

Throughout the year there were a few serious vulnerabilities circumventing the internet, so we have deployed new systems that ensure that we can quickly patch numerous systems at once in a planned and structured way. We know that Digital Pacific is one of very few hosting companies in Australia with this automation.

HostingCon and WHD Conference Sponsorships

This year we were very active in the sponsorship of hosting conferences supporting the Australian community of hosting professionals. We will continue this in to 2015 with more sponsorships to be announced during the year.

Laravel Meetups

We love to support the development community, so this year we welcomed the Laravel community to hold meetups at our office once a month. This is open to anyone with an interest in the Laravel platform. The meetups started with about 10 people registered, now there are over 120 attendees registered to the meetup. To join visit The Laravel Meetup Page.

[email protected]

We launched our careers website which has been a huge success for us in hiring talented staff. This independent website demonstrates the culture of what it’s like to work at Digital Pacific and allows us to “show off” our office and location. If you are looking for an exciting new career in 2015 apply now at Work @ DP.


Keep an eye on our Facebook page as this is where we post updates, product and event information and special offers throughout the year –

There are many more things we have achieved throughout 2014 and I could write more pages but I thought I would share with you just a few of them. Once again, thanks for helping us achieve our goals for the year and we look forward to serving you in 2015. I would also like to thank all of our staff for making it happen, without them none of this could have been possible.

If you managed to read all of this, you deserve a little gift. Here is a $20 coupon code for all of our products (except domain names). Be quick, it expires at 9pm on the 4th of Jan 2015. Limit one per customer, feel free to pass it on to friends and relatives. Code: XMAS2014 (enter this in the coupon section on the order form)

Have a fantastic xmas and have happy new year!


Andrew Koloadin

Founder – Digital Pacific

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