How and Why Your Business Should Be Actively Using Facebook

Business Facebook

Facebook is a powerful tool designed to allow easy interaction between friends, family and associates for anyone around the world. However, the ability to effectively promote your business and it’s products or services via the social platform is of significant importance and super easy to do, should you know how to go about it in the best way.

Facebook boasts more than 1 billion, yes billion with a b, active users which is a huge amount of potential reach for businesses looking to further expand their customer base and brand recognition. Getting your name and products out and in front of this massive audience is the tricky part and potentially costly if you don’t have a great understanding of what does and doesn’t currently work.


There are a range of perks that are sure to be of great benefit to your business when promoting it via Facebook, and any other social media outlets for that matter. It’s one thing to post regular updates to your Facebook page, but a whole other thing to do it correctly and effectively. The following outlines how and why you should be promoting your business via Facebook.

Post Regularly

One of the biggest mistakes that many businesses make when it comes to their Facebook page is failing to post updates on a regular basis. It is imperative to maintain an active page for the following reasons:

  • Increase customer engagement
  • Show that the business is active
  • Lets users gain further insight into the business

The reason that many businesses fail here is because they simply do not know what to post about. Thinking outside of the box and using some of the following ideas should provide a good foundation for regular posting.

  • Provide general updates about the business such as milestones and activities
  • Share details/information on products and services
  • Share your recent business blog posts/articles
  • Run small, or large, competitions
  • Provide daily or weekly tips relating to your industry, even if they are small and simple

Respond In A Timely Manner

Does your Facebook page receive regular questions or messages from your customers and audience? If so, it is important to ensure that a representative is responding to them in a timely manner, particularly during business hours. With social media being so popular it’s quite common to see people base their choice of products and services on various elements of your social media activity. By responding to questions and discussions on your Facebook page in a timely manner you’re essentially showing your potential customers that you are responsive, happy to assist and have the capacity to respond within a respectable time frame, and we all know how important great customer service can be.

Make use of testimonials from Facebook

It is not uncommon for customers to leave feedback, testimonials and reviews for you and your business on your Facebook page. In fact, there is a whole section on your page dedicated to this. Don’t be afraid to take of copy of these testimonials and place them somewhere visible on your website, but make sure you do make it clear that they are from your Facebook page. This way, when visitors are browsing your website, they will see real reviews from real people, ultimately giving them more reason to use your services or buy your products due to the recommendation and positive review of others.

Social Proof Is Important

Social proof is important to making sure your business is looked upon by others in a positive light. If your potential customers see that others have recommended or interacted with you in a positive way on Facebook, or any other social platform, you can be assured that they’ll have a much higher interest in your products and services.

Think about it from a personal point of view, how often have you turned to Facebook to find reviews and experiences from others relating to a specific product or service you were interested in? Or, how many times have you been influenced due to what others were doing or saying via an online social network? This shows just how important it is to be making an active and good impression via the use of Facebook for your business.

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