Transferring Domain Names

Transferring Domain Names

Transferring a domain name after registration can be the best way to get an effective domain name and high-quality hosting with two different companies. Some companies that offer domain names are known for strict rules related to hosting that do not work for every individual. However, the process of transferring a domain name is not always simple.



Domain names are the website addresses that a person types into a browser in order to access a specific website. These names consist of letters and numbers that are typically relevant to the content of the website. This domain name is connected to an Internet protocol (IP) address that is made up of a series of numbers through the Domain Name System (DNS). Domain names must be registered and hosted before they can be used, but it is not necessary for registration and hosting to be handled by the same company.



Simple reasons including cost concerns and storage capacity are often at the centre of the desire to transfer a domain. However, more complicated reasons related to regulations set forth by an individual hosting service could come into play. For example, many hosting services put forth strict rules related to spamming. These rules allow the service provider to suspend a domain that was registered through the same company if there are complaints received about spamming. Inaccurate complaints can still count against an individual when the hosting service is deciding whether to suspend a domain. The risk of losing a domain name when registering and receiving hosting services with one company makes choosing two separate companies a smart decision.



The process of transferring a domain can be simple depending on the registration service that was used to register the domain name. Companies that allow an individual to register a domain name and access a control panel that can be used to switch the DNS setting provide the easiest way to transfer a domain name. People who are dealing with this situation only need to obtain information about the DNS settings from the hosting service provider. The transfer typically occurs within 48 hours when this method is used.

However, there are some companies that do not offer control options for DNS settings when an individual registers a domain name. The process of transferring a domain name in this situation takes more time and effort. Anyone who is not able to access a control panel for the DNS settings will need to contact the company with which the domain name was registered in order to provide the new DNS setting information that has been obtained from the hosting service provider. These changes can take more time to take effect, and dealing with a company on the phone may be frustrating when a person has to go through numerous menu options.



It is important to note that domain name transfers cannot be made within the first 60 days after registration. Private registration cannot be transferred, and there is typically a waiting period after an individual requests that a private registration be made public. 

Many domain names are locked as a security precaution when they are initially registered. This lock will need to be removed before the transfer can be completed. The company with which the domain was registered will also need to provide an authorization code for the transfer process to begin. 

Inaccurate contact information has the potential to hold up a transfer. Contact information including name, physical address and email address must match the details that were provided during the registration process in order for a transfer to go through.

The entire process of transferring a domain name should only take a few days to complete. The benefits of completing this process often outweigh any hassle related to the transfer process. While having access to the DNS settings via a control panel allows for the easiest method of transferring a domain, the process of transferring a domain name without access to these controls is relatively simple.


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