Increasing Your Blog Traffic

Blogs can be wonderful marketing tools, but only when they are used properly. Many businesses do not know how to drive Internet traffic to their blog and so they eventually give up creating posts. If these businesses perform these blog activities they will increase their blog traffic, eventually leading to sales conversions.

1. Patience
One of the biggest lessons people need to learn about blogging is to exercise patience. Building up blog traffic takes time and consistency, so a business must be committed to its blog. “Just trying it out” for a few weeks or even a couple of months might not produce results and is usually a waste of time. Some so-called blogging “experts” promise dramatic traffic increases in short amounts of time, but their tactics do not result in long-term high blog traffic that can sustain future business growth.

2.  Consistent Posting
Just like how television shows broadcast at specific times, you need to be posting blog posts on a consistent basis in order to draw in traffic. For example, if a popular television show were to broadcast episodes every few weeks and on different days of the week viewership would be much lower. You need to commit to blogging at least once a week, but the more often you blog the faster you will build a following.


3.  Post Substance
Simply posting often does not alone build a loyal following for your blog. Your blog posts must give your readers some kind of value, otherwise readers will not return to your blog. For example, if you own a medical clinic you can use your blog to give first aid tips or let people know what viruses are going around. If you provide useful information in your blog posts people will not only visit your blog often, but they are more likely to tell their friends about it.

4.  Share Buttons
Many blog platforms, such as WordPress, allow you to easily install share buttons at the bottom of each post, similar to what you see on many news websites. These buttons let users post a link to Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or even email a link to friends with a single mouse click. Making it easy to share blog posts means readers are much more likely to do so.

5.  Social Media
Companies and their employees should be active on social media, helping spread the word about the company blog in any way possible. Join sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ if you do not already have accounts. Post to these accounts regularly to build up followings, and then share links whenever a post goes up on the company blog..

Follow the advice of the five tips listed in this post and you should see a significant increase in the amount of traffic that  your blog receives.

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