HTTPoxy Spotted in the Wild

Sounds nasty right? Like a stomach-churning skin condition for robots that they dare each other to look up on Google images.

It’s not. But it is the latest security flaw to hit the airwaves, affecting a range of server softwares including PHP, Python, Apache HTTP server, Go, Apache TomCat and several others – and it is likely this list will continue to grow as less common softwares are checked for the bug.

CGI applications, and applications in similar environments, are at risk due to what comes down to a simple namespace conflict, which can be exploited remotely and allows attackers to execute code on a server.

Yesterday, the Digital Pacific equivalent to Delta Force engaged in a mission to patch the recently-discovered HTTPOXY vulnerability across all shared & reseller hosting servers, as well as all Managed VPS and Managed Dedicated Servers.

All Digital Pacific customers using these services can now rest assured that they are sitting pretty, comfortably out of reach of the vulnerabilities HTTPoxy brings with it.

If you have a self-managed VPS/Dedicated Server, you can find out more information on how to protect yourself here. If you aren’t confident with patching for HTTPoxy yourself, system administration time is available for purchase via OnePanel here (it’s located under the “Other” category) – you’ll need to grab a minimum of 60 minutes, though more time may be needed depending on your set-up. We can then deploy one of the aforementioned Delta Force crew sometime between 9am – 6pm Monday to Friday (pending availability), to patch your server and keep you safe and sound.

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