4 Potential Ways to Digitise Your Business During COVID-19: Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of our 2 part series, “5 Potential Ways to Digitise Your Business During COVID-19”, which aims to provide ideas and inspiration for your business during this challenging time.

If you haven’t checked out part 1 already, you can do so right here! Once you’re done, read on below to continue with part 2.

Idea #3: Host and Sell Online Live Group Classes

Many service-based businesses are finding creative ways to turn their services into online class offerings. This is particularly suitable to replace everyday activities of electives that people incorporate into their lives on a regular basis. Online live group classes can be a great option financially, as you can build and grow to have more simultaneous participants over time, and thereby improve the financial return of each class.

Some examples of online live group class offerings could include:

  • Gyms/Personal Trainers/Dance Schools/Yoga Tutors: Host online live group classes to replace your regular on-site offerings. People can then join in from their lounge rooms and enjoy an at-home version of their favourite exercise classes. You’d simply need to adapt your class requirements, to make the classes as achievable as possible. For instance, make use of bodyweight-only exercises, or replace exercises that require special equipment with suitable alternatives that most people would already have at home – such as using a dining table chair for tricep dips.
  • Hospitality: If you have a hospitality-based business such as a restaurant, bar, cafe, market stall-holder or catering business, you may wish to offer online live cooking or mixology classes for everyone at home to try their hands at making some of their favourites from your menu.
  • Artists/Craftspeople: This one is an especially easy one! If you normally sell arts or crafts, you may wish to offer group classes in your area of expertise, and help others to learn your craft. With everyone trapped inside and looking for ways to keep busy, many people are seeking out new hobbies and interests to get involved with.
  • Carpenters/Woodworkers/Electricians: If you normally offer trade services such as building, carpentry, flooring, electrical or so on, you might find yourself well placed to offer online live group classes in woodworking, furniture building or home improvement. You could host instructional tutorials on how to create small, achievable homewares or furniture such as wooden vases, fruit bowls, lamps, small tables and other items that the average person may enjoy learning to create for their homes.
  • Stylists/Hairdressers/Makeup Artists: These creative professionals have the world at their fingertips and are excellently placed to offer online live classes to their clients! For example, your existing clients may wish to sign up for an online live group class on learning how to pair clothing, style their hair without causing damage, or a new makeup technique. Clients can then ask questions and receive immediate tips and feedback for the instructor.

These are just a few of the thousands of ideas people are now coming up with to take their businesses online! Once you have an idea for providing an online live group class, you’ll want to find a way to deliver them. There is plenty of software out there that can help you to achieve this. You’ll first want to choose a platform upon which you will host your class. Once you have chosen this, you’ll need to additionally set up a way for people to pay to join your classes, as well as send out marketing emails and social media posts to advertise them.

Software options for taking bookings and payments may include:

Software options for delivering online live group classes may include:

Idea #4: Offer Live Support/One-on-one Consulting Sessions

Similar to “Host and Sell Online Live Group Classes”, idea #4 follows the same essential principals, but rather than group classes, you cater to those who prefer more of a one-to-one style. This can often mean commanding a higher price due to the exclusive nature of the session.

Some examples of live support/one-on-one consulting offerings could include:

  • Animal Carers/Dog Walkers/Vets: Offer veterinary consultations for people who have questions surrounding the health of their animal family members, or who wish to receive training consultations.
  • Entertainers/Comedians/Event Hosts: Offer consultations to help people interested in honing their public speaking, phone or improvisation skills.
  • Interior Decorators/Architects: Offer one-to-one consultations to help people interested in receiving feedback or advise on improving their decor. Or perhaps, assist people wishing to design and build their own homes from scratch.
  • Recruiters: Assist job seekers with constructing effective resumes, practising interview questions and techniques, and putting together an appropriate interview outfit.

You’ll be able to use much the same software as you would for group classes, so we’ve listed them all again below as a reminder:

Software options for taking bookings and payments may include:

Software options for delivering live support/one-on-one consulting sessions may include:

We hope this series has provided you with some valuable ideas and inspiration to create your own online income streams. We wish everyone only the very best during these unpredictable times.

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