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It seems that we often talk about blogs around here as being an added benefit to an existing business, or other, website. The truth is that blogs are for everyone – with or without that existing website or business. In reality, many individuals will often choose to have a blog website instead of a standard website because a blog is easy to manage and also allows information to be displayed on static pages.

Getting a blog website of your very own, with a specific domain name of your choosing, is made possible by initially acquiring blog hosting. Blog hosting allows you to get a customised blog domain name and to install the blog software that will run the site. Each of these three items is described further below and easily obtainable from Digital Pacific.

Blog Hosting

Our personal hosting plans are perfect for blog hosting as they contain just what you need to manage a blog website and at a lower cost than our business hosting plans. The Personal Standard plan, for example, is only $9.90 a month and contains many features including the necessary MySQL database needed to run the popular blogging software, WordPress. Like all of our business web hosting plans, blog hosting is powered by green energy.

Blog Domain Name

Part of the joy of choosing blog hosting is having the customised domain name for your blog website. Unlike free blog hosting websites that limit your capabilities and lack a personal domain, blog hosting gives you the ability to better build a blog presence with the domain name. Not only that, but (let’s face it) it also looks nicer, more professional and serious to the people that visit it.

As with any website, it is best to think about branding, marketing and relevance when choosing the blog domain name. For more assistance, read a previous post on choosing the right domain name.

WordPress Blogging Software

The final piece of the puzzle involves installing a good blogging software to the blog hosting account. Whereas many content management systems (CMS), like Drupal and Joomla!, can also function as blogging platforms, we recommend WordPress because it has been structured specifically for blogging purposes and being easy to use by practically anybody. In addition, the capabilities offered by the thousands of free templates and plugins help take a normal blog website from boring to exciting with little work.

With WordPress, the most difficult part is the initial installation and setup, which some may find tricky. To help with this, Digital Pacific offers extended support to assist in the installation of WordPress and many other scripts.

Getting a personalised blog website has never been easier, and Digital Pacific offers the blog hosting, blog domain names and blogging software assistance necessary to get you started.

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