Registering a domain name is only the beginning to getting yourself online. If you’re not quite ready to setup a full web hosting account and website, or if you’re intending to use an external hosting solution to create your website, our DNS Manager could be the perfect product to assist with pointing your domain to the right place. At only $10/yr, and including the services outlined below, it’s the affordable start for your domain.

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DNS Hosting

DNS Management is perfect for any domain owner who wants complete control of their domain. With our DNS Management service, you can control your DNS records through the easy to use cPanel interface. Using this service you can add, update, or delete any of the values we hold for your domain. We provide total control over the following:

  • Domain Servers (A Records)
  • Domain Aliases (CNAME Records)
  • Mail Servers (MX Records)
  • TXT Records (e.g. SPF Records)


Domain Forwarding

URL Forwarding/Redirection is used to forward your domain to another website, most often on a different server than the domain. This can be used to point your domain to many external services, including existing hosting you may have with your ISP or hosted eCommerce solutions.

The advantage of this is that you can get rid of your long URL address and replace it with your own brand, e.g. could redirect to

NOTE: URL Cloaking is also available for an additional one off setup charge of $10.


Domain Forwarding

This feature allows you to create email addresses attached to your domain that automatically forward email to another address such as a Gmail, Hotmail, Bigpond, Optusnet or Yahoo!. You can use one account to check mail sent to several email addresses.

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