There are many additional services, applications and extras that can be installed and used on your Digital Pacific web hosting account. Take a look at some of the web based applications, such as shopping carts, that can be used, or see what extra features can be included with your domain name. You can order and add any of the below services on to your hosting account at no setup cost, only pay the cost of the add-on, if applicable.

Hosting Extras and Add-ons

Shopping Carts

Power your online store via popular ecommerce solutions such as WooCommerce, Magento and PrestaShop; all compatible with our hosting plans.

Restore Backups

Digital Pacific's Web and Reseller Hosting plans come with continuous daily backups, preserving your data and allowing you to restore when needed.

Site Migration

We offer various website migration options which assist you with moving your website from your current web hosting company to Digital Pacific.