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When you lease a dedicated server or cloud server from Digital Pacific we can install VMWare or Citrix Xen for you prior to handover. There are different products in the VMWare lineup and two of them are VMWare ESXi and VMWare VSphere.

Please note that we do not manage these installs at this stage and they are self managed.

We can configure the following VMWare services on a single machine or across multiple dedicated servers:

  • VMotion — This gives you the ability to migrate a live running virtual machine from one ESX host to another without downtime.
  • Storage VMotion — This gives you the ability to migrate a running virtual machine from one storage device to another.
  • DRS — Distributed Resource Scheduler — This is the automatic load balancing of an ESX cluster using VMotion.
  • HA — High Availability — In case of hardware failure in a cluster, the virtual servers will automatically move to another host in the hardware cluster
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